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Prospero's Avatar Prospero
Mostly harmless mage of Dejenol

Real Name: Chris Allcock
Occupation: Code monkey and generally dodgy geezer
Website: Firestorm Productions and Prospero's Interweb Place

Stuff Done

Along with various other tweaks here and there :)

Current Project

  • Mordor: Return to Dejenol - In tribute to one of the greatest RPGs available on PC, this is my remake of Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol. It took me a while to think on what my next project should be but in the end this was the clear winner. Progress is slow and fairly stop-start (as a one-man hobby code project tends to be), but even if it takes decades the game will eventually be finished!

Past Projects

  • Poing! PC - A remake of Paul van der Valk's brilliant Amiga breakout clone, Poing. This, with some coding help from David 'DarkEagle' Grundy, was my first major Blitz Basic game - in fact, my first game at all - and to my surprise I was offered a publishing deal with a newly formed company. It turned out to be a bad deal at the end, though, and now I wish I'd stuck with my original feeling of making the game free right from the start. In any case, Poing! PC is now freeware and everyone can enjoy a bit of healthy nostalgia! Sadly the source code was lost during a hard drive crash so there's no further development or even bugfixing, but maybe it's something I will revisit as a sequel with more experience in the future.


If you're wondering what sigbars (i.e. signature bars) are, check for an idea. They're an increasingly popular way of conveying your interest in a particular subject, highlighting your use of a certain program or virtually anything else that you might normally put in your forum signature - but with added style! Any wide but thin image can be called a sigbar. If you like these and fancy having some of your own, drop me a PM and I'll do my best to help - you're also welcome to use these if you wish [img]/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] Here are some that I use on the Mordor forums:

Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol player

Mordor: Return to Dejenol lead alchemist

Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol player

Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol player

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