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My current party

Started March 3. Status as of April 8:

"Mister", Neutral Dwarf
Nomad 89
Warrior 100
Seeker 119
Thief 86
Scavenger 119
Sorcerer 94
Wizard 88
Healer 101

Total exp: 19,676,328.
Total gold: 1,150,046,336.
Kills: 80,224. Quests: 109 Monsters, 25 Items.

That's it. Yes, I like playing Solo. Yes, I like leveling all guilds, even good-for-nothing ones. Also, no deaths nor quests forfeited :)

Stuff done

  1. Template for Monsters Data (Talk page)
  2. Uploaded and organized monster images.
  3. Full List of Monsters.
  4. Full List of Spells (copied from HelpLesson)
  5. Template for Weapons, Template for Equipable items, Template for Other items
  6. Spoiler Template. Some examples:
    Asmodeus is the big boss!
    Have you seen "The Passion" yet? Here is a spoiler for you: Jesus DIES!
  7. Full List of Items.
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