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Basic Stats
Type: Indigini
Size: Big
Alignment: Neutral
Att/Def: 100 / 45
Average Hits: 23
Str/Con/Dex: 10 / 0 / 1
First appears on: Level 5
Is 100% Cold Resistant
Is 100% Mind Resistant
Is 100% Paralysis Resistant
Is 100% Drain Resistant
Can Poison
Can Critically Hit
Magic Abilities
Item Drops
Drop Level: Level 3
Item Slot 1: Tome
Item Slot 2: Cross
Item Slot 3: Hammer
Item Slot 4: Leather Armor
Item Slot 5: Anything
Item Slot 6: Sword
Item Slot 7: Hands
Item Slot 8: Artifact
Item Slot 9: Hands
Item Slot 10: Crystal

Strangleweeds are Big sized Indiginis who are generally Neutral in nature.

With an average A/D of 100/45, and average hits of 23 and a 10 Strength, 1 Dexterity, it is also known that these creatures abilities and attacks include: Poison, Critical Hit.

Strangleweeds are 100% Cold, 100% Mind, 100% Paralysis, 100% Drain resistant.

Additional Information: Large, immobile bushes that appear to be badly misplaced in a poor light environment like a dungeon, strangleweeds are capable of lashing out with poisonous branches to deadly effect. Often blows are aimed at particularly vulnerable areas.

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