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Stats A/D Formula

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Increasing your stats raises your Stats A/D. In general, increasing your Strength or Dexterity with 1 point raises your A/D with 2 points, and increasing your Int or Wis with 1 point raises your A/D with 1 point. Please note that this behaviour is not entirely linear: your Stats A/D will not increase if you raise your Strength or Dexterity when it's in the 8..12 range, or if you raise your Intelligence or Wisdom when it's in the 8..14 range.

You can use the following formula to calculate your A/D directly from your stats:

A/D = 2 * (Str + Dex) + Int + Wis - 76, for all Str, Dex >= 12 and Int, Wis >=14
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