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Basic Stats
Type: Animal
Size: Normal
Alignment: Evil
Att/Def: 266 / 188
Average Hits: 80
Str/Con/Dex: 21 / 16 / 17
First appears on: Level 8
Is 35% Fire Resistant
Is 35% Electrical Resistant
Is 20% Mind Resistant
Is 50% Poison Resistant
Is 50% Magic Resistant
Is 45% Paralysis Resistant
Is 100% Drain Resistant
Is 25% Acid Resistant
See Invisible
Weapon Resistant
Can Critically Hit
Can Backstab
Magic Abilities
Item Drops
Drop Level: Level 8
Item Slot 1: Shield
Item Slot 2: Shield
Item Slot 3: Staff
Item Slot 4: Ring
Item Slot 5: Tome
Item Slot 6: Ring
Item Slot 7: Dust
Item Slot 8: Gloves
Item Slot 9: Bracers
Item Slot 10: Stone

Stalkers are Normal sized Animals who are generally Evil in nature.

With an average A/D of 266/188, and average hits of 80 and a 21 Strength, 16 Constitution, 17 Dexterity, it is also known that these creatures abilities and attacks include: See Invisible, Invisible, Weapon Resistance, Critical Hit, Backstab.

Stalkers are 35% Fire, 35% Electrical, 20% Mind, 50% Poison, 50% Magic, 45% Paralysis, 100% Drain, 25% Acid resistant.

Additional Information from Mordor 2: Thought by some to be naturally occurring kin of lycanthropes, stalkers resemble werewolves, though they are always the colour of shadows and have jet black eyes. Normally invisible, they stalk their prey and attack with fast, deadly bites meant to kill quickly.

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