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Magic is the most important aspect of Mordor. Each guild has certain spells that its members can cast. As a character learns new spells from joined guilds, they will be added to the character’s Spellbook, making them available to cast. A spell can be ‘cast’ by the player, or it can be cast from of an item with magical properties (i.e. ‘Potion of Sight’). When a player casts a spell from their Spellbook, some spell points will be used. The number of spell points that a spell will take depends on the level of the spell and the power of the character. A more powerful spell will take more spell points to cast. As you advance in the guild, lower level spells will take fewer spell points, allowing you to cast them more often. Upon returning to the city, your spell points will be restored to their maximum capacity. The maximum amount of spell points a character can have is based on the characters Intelligence and Wisdom. A character cannot cast a spell if they do not have enough spell points.

The effectiveness of a spell is based on the Spell Level of the guild a character is a member of that teaches the spell, which raises as a character becomes more powerful. This means that a Level 50 Mage who is also a level 20 Wizard will cast a shared spell (i.e. 'Dazzle') using the Mage's spell level (since it is higher than the Wizard's Spell Level). However, if the Wizard's guild can cast the spell for less points than the Mage's guild, the lowest points will be used!

When using the special abilities of an item to cast a spell, the highest spell level from all of the guilds the character is a member of is used unless the item casts a spell at a specific level.

Some monsters have partial immunity to certain spells while some have complete immunity to all spells. For example, a fire spell won’t work on certain dragons. The higher the level of the character, the better the chance of affecting a monster with partial immunity to magic (total immunity can never be negated).


Spell Levels

Even though a spell may list as Spell Level 2, some guilds may learn the spell later, say at level 4 or 6. This all depends on the spell learning abilities of a guild. A good example is the Charm of Opening spell, which is Spell Level 3 for the Thief’s guild, but Spell Level 12 for the Nomad’s guild. In general, Guilds that specialize in spells (i.e. Sorcerers and Fire/Cold spells) will learn a spell before any other guild that has access to the spell.

Base Level

Each spell has Base Level at which the spell is generally learned. When only one guild has access to a spell, the Base Level is the spell level at which the spells is learned. However, many spells can be cast by more than one guild, but each guild can get access to the spell at different spell levels - if this is the case, the level at which the spell is learned at by a particular guild is listed after the guild name. For example:

      Base Level: 3     Guilds: See (9), Sor, Wiz (9), Hea (6)

This information would mean the the Seekers and Wizards guild learns the spell at Spell Level 9, the Healers guild learns it at 6 and the Sorcerer's guild learns it at the Base Level of 3.

Required Stats

If a spell has Required Stats, the caster must have the defined stats to cast the spell. Unlike items, Required Stats for spells are based on Natural and Modified stats!

Spell Information

Each spell has an 'information' line that follows the Required Stats information that states the 'effect' of the spell along with the information of whether it's a COMBAT or NON-COMBAT spell. COMBAT spells can only be cast in combat while NON-COMBAT spells can only be cast when there are no monsters, or there are peaced monsters in the area.

Spell Classes

Spells are broken down into "spell classes" that specify the nature of the spell. Below is a list of the spell classes:

Keep in mind that you will have to experiment with the spells to figure out exactly what they do. Some spells will not be very effective when you are first able to cast them, but will improve as your character becomes more powerful.

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