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SL = (guild level / 2 + 0.5), rounded down (min 1, max 255)
Spell Cost = (StartSpellLevel * SpellPointRatio * BaseMod^2 * 1.9 / SL) - 0.0001, rounded down (minimum cost is StartSpellLevel * BaseMod).

SL is the character's Spell Level for a given guild.

StartSpellLevel and SpellPointRatio are the values listed for each given spell in Wabbit's Editor.

BaseMod is the "Spell Class Base Modifier" value for a given spell class in a specific guild (click "Show Spell Data" in Wabbit's Editor).

The "- 0.0001" term is caused by internal loss of precision when storing integers as floating-point decimals: 209 is stored as "208.9999...", causing it to be rounded down to 208.

Initial Cost Formula

Initial Spell Cost = (SpellPointRatio * BaseMod * 1.9) - 0.0001, rounded down.

This is the basic cost formula above, with certain terms canceled out by the assumption that SL = StartSpellLevel * BaseMod — the first level at which you gain the spell.

Level Needed for a Given Cost Formula

For the level at which a spell will reach a given cost, the formula is:

Spell level = (StartSpellLevel * SpellPointRatio * BaseMod^2 * 1.9 / (DesiredCost + 1)), rounded up.

For the equivalent guild level, multiply by 2 and subtract 1.

To find the level at which a spell will reach its minimum cost, plug StartSpellLevel (times BaseMod, if any) into DesiredCost.

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