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Available Races

The race you choose for your character is very important because it affects quite a few things - what guilds you can join, what alignment you can be, how fast you gain experience and what your maximum statistics can be. Below is a brief summary and description of each race available in the game.


Humans are something you, as a player, can relate to. They have no natural resistances, but are the most versatile of all races and are allowed in every guild. They have the shortest life span, but are the quickest learners.


Elves are the magic users of the game. Tall and slender, most Elves become either Mages, Sorcerers, Healers or Wizards. They are excellent spell casters and can live longer than any other race. They are not, however, very good at fighting with weapons and have a low constitution. Elves also have a natural resistance to Magical and Mind attacks. Because of their lack of physical strength, there are some items (which require great strength) that Elves can never use.


Giants live for one thing - slicing a monster in two with one blow. Known for their brutal ways and having the advantage of being over eight feet tall, they make the best Warriors one can find. The only guilds to accept them are the Nomad, Seeker and Warrior guilds. Because of their size and bulk, Giants are resistant to most forms of attack, including Fire, Cold and Electrical. Poison and Disease don’t seriously affect them either.


Being very charismatic and possessing a slight resistance to Mind attacks, Gnomes make excellent Mages. Mostly good by nature, Gnomes are usually found in the Mage, Healer and Paladin guilds.


Dwarves are very curious, always poking at chests, injured characters, and carcasses. Neutral in nature and stockier than most races, Dwarves are found in quite a number of guilds, ranging from Warriors to Wizards. They are also fairly resistant to the elements (fire, cold, etc.).


Somewhat dim-witted, Ogres are bulky and hairy, and make good Warriors and Scavengers. Since their constitution and resistances to such elements as Fire and Cold are so high, they are very hard to kill, but their low intelligence is quite often their downfall.


Morlochs are huge masses of walking fur and muscle. Possessing a great deal of natural magic, they make excellent magic-users. However, because they are so ugly, they cannot easily charm some monsters, and their life span is almost as short as a humans. They also have a pretty good resistance to certain forms of monster attacks (Poison and Disease amongst others).


Osiris, which are distant relatives of the elves that have shifted to a more human-like race, are extremely dexterous and are mostly found in the Thief and Scavenger guilds. They also make marginal spell casters and are almost completely resistant to Electrical and Mind attacks.


A cross between an Ogre and an Elf, Trolls are strong and swift creatures that possess a few natural resistances. Making excellent Ninjas and Scavengers, they are quick to take up sides (either Good or Evil), but can sometimes be found as Neutral. Due to the aggressiveness in relation to their alignment, many guilds will not allow them.

Race Statistics

Race		Age	XP	 Str	 Int	 Wis	 Con	 Cha	 Dex	G   N   E
Human		100	3	 4/17	 4/18	 4/18	 6/17	 5/18	 6/18	X   X   X
Elf		400	7	 3/15	 7/20	 7/20	 3/16	 3/18	 3/18	X   X   X
Giant		225	7	12/25	 4/17	 3/17	 9/19	 2/16	 3/18	    X    
Gnome		300	7	 4/17	 7/19	 5/19	 3/17	 9/22	 6/18	X   X   X
Dwarf		275	5	 3/18	 3/18	 7/19	 3/19	 3/17	 5/18	    X    
Ogre		265	6	 9/20	 3/16	 3/16	 9/21	 3/18	 5/17	X   X   X
Morloch		175	4	 6/20	 3/17	 5/19	 3/15	 2/14	 5/20	X       X
Osiri		325	8	 5/17	 3/18	 3/17	 7/19	 3/18	10/22	    X    
Troll		285	9	 6/20	 3/18	 3/18	 6/19	 3/17	 6/20	X   X   X
  • Age is the approximate maximum age of the race. There a is very small chance that a character could die before that age, but as they approach the age listed, the chance of dying of natural causes will increase.
  • XP indicates how fast members of this race will gain experience. Lower numbers mean that less experience is needed and that they will gain levels faster.
  • Stats are in the format min/max. For example an 'Int' listing of 3/16 would mean that this race's Intelligence cannot start below 3 or above 16. In addition, through the life of a character, you can only improve a stat by 5 points above the listed maximum.
  • Alignments are represented by G, N and E (Good, Neutral and Evil). Crosses in each column show what alignments are valid for them.

Race / Guild Chart

Not all guilds are accessible to every race. The table below shows which races can enter which guilds.

A = Nomad        E = Villain       I = Mage
B = Warrior      F = Seeker        J = Sorcerer
C = Paladin      G = Thief         K = Wizard
D = Ninja        H = Scavenger     L = Healer

Race		A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L
Human		X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X
Elf		X       X           X   X   X   X   X   X   X
Giant		X   X               X                        
Gnome		X       X       X   X   X   X   X   X       X
Dwarf		X   X               X   X   X       X   X   X
Ogre		X   X                       X                
Morloch		X   X           X   X       X   X   X     
Osiri		X                   X   X   X       X   X   X
Troll		X           X   X       X   X

Race Resistances

Depending on their habitat and innate abilities, some races have acquired a natural resistance to the various schools of magic.

A = Fire         E = Disease       I = Paralysis
B = Cold         F = Poison        J = Draining
C = Electrical   G = Magic         K = Acid
D = Mind         H = Stoning

Race		A	B	C	D	E	F	G	H	I	J	K
Human		-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-
Elf		-	-	-	50%	-	-	80%	-	-	-	-
Giant		50%	50%	50%	-	50%	50%	-	25%	50%	50%	-
Gnome		-	-	-	40%	-	-	-	-	-	-	-
Dwarf		45%	80%	-	-	50%	50%	-	40%	50%	90%	-
Ogre		75%	75%	-	-	50%	-	-	50%	75%	75%	15%
Morloch		35%	35%	35%	50%	-	-	40%	-	95%	65%	50%
Osiri		-	-	90%	90%	-	-	-	90%	-	-	90%
Troll		-	-	-	-	45%	45%	-	-	45%	65%	25%

Race Sizes

Each race has its own size rating that can affect how easy or difficult they are to hit in combat. As you may expect, it is easier for a monster to hit a hulking Giant than a petite Elf.

Race		Size
Human		Normal
Elf		Small
Giant		Very Big
Gnome		Normal
Dwarf		Small
Ogre		Big
Morloch   	Normal
Osiri		Normal
Troll		Normal

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