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Questing Formula

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This isn't a formula per se, but it's a list of the all the known parameters for when you get assigned a quest.

  • Quests are assigned based on the currently-selected character's current guild level
  • Characters below guild level 5 will never be quested
  • The quested-for monster will be between Level 1 and character's current guild / 25, rounded off -- maximum Level 10*
  • There's always a 6% chance "Questmaster will let you off the hook"
  • There's always a 1% chance of being assigned a quest even if you hack Mdata1.mdr to set all guilds' questing percentage to 0.
  • If a "rare" monster is randomly selected ("chance" = 9 or less), it will be re-rolled 74% of the time
  • Characters below level 15 will never get an item quest
  • Characters of level 15 or above have a 25% chance of an item quest
  • Quested items will be between 1 and ((guildlevel / 25 rounded off, max 10) / 1.5) + 1, rounded down (thus you will never be quested for items from below Level 7)
  • "Rare" items ("chance" = 4 or less) will be re-rolled 74% of the time
  • Cursed items, items from Level 0, and items worth less 100 gold will never be quested for (thus no Bone Daggers, guild crests, Copper Helms, Erik's +1 Crayons, etc.)

* Due to a not-fully-understood bug, four monsters from below Level 10 have been known to be assigned as quests: Grey Molds (Level 13), White Dragons (11), Wizards (11), and T'Manas (11). Due to a different bug, T'Manas have never been seen in the dungeon, so if you get quested for a T'Mana, just forfeit.

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