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Basic Stats
Type: Mythical
Size: Normal
Alignment: Neutral
Att/Def: 140 / 395
Average Hits: 420
Str/Con/Dex: 16 / 11 / 24
First appears on: Level 13
Item drop level: Level 13
Is 100% Fire Resistant
Is 100% Cold Resistant
Is 100% Mind Resistant
Charm Resistant
Weapon Resistance
Can Paralyze
Can Age
Magic Abilities
Can Cast "Mind" Spells

Pariahs are Normal sized Mythicals who are generally Neutral in nature.

With an average A/D of 140/395, and average hits of 420 and a 16 Strength, 11 Constitution, 24 Dexterity, it is also known that these creatures abilities and attacks include: Invisible, Charm Resistant, Weapon Resistance, Paralyze, Age, "Mind" Spells.

Pariahs are 100% Fire, 100% Cold, 100% Mind resistant.


The Pariah is one of only two creatures that can drop the extremely coveted Blessing of Morash, the other being the very rare Black Gremlin from Level 15. To see where Pariahs can spawn, check this page. Beware of spoilers, though, as the page includes maps of levels 12-15.

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