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Movement Spells

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In an effort to control one's surroundings, the Wizard's guild focused their study towards the ability of traveling and moving by the use of magic. Ranging from the ability to walk through walls to teleporting a long distance away, these spells are very handy in moving around in the dungeon.

Detect Rock
Base Level: 1     Guilds: See, Mag, Wiz
Required Stats: 14 Int, 14 Wis, 12 Con
NON_COMBAT Spell, will inform caster of Rock.
This spell allows the caster to detect whether rock exists behind the wall in front of them or not. Very useful for mapping and finding secret rooms.

Feather Essence
Base Level: 3     Guilds: See, Mag, Wiz
Required Stats: 14 Int, 14 Wis, 14 Con
NON_COMBAT Spell, will levitate recipient.
This will cause the recipient to hover in the air, avoiding pits, chutes, water and other dangerous areas. There is always the slight chance that levitation over a space will fail.

Ethereal Portal
Base Level: 5     Guilds: See, Mag, Wiz
Required Stats: 14 Str, 18 Int, 18 Wis, 18 Dex
NON_COMBAT Spell, will move a character or party.
When cast, the character, and all members of the party, will move through the solid wall in front of the caster and appear on the other side. If the square behind the wall is rock, all members of the party will die.

Base Level: 8     Guilds: See, Wiz
Required Stats: 14 Int, 10 Wis, 14 Dex
NON_COMBAT Spell, will teleport a character or party on the same level.
A useful spell for teleporting around in the dungeon on the current level. Be warned that if the caster teleports outside the bounds of the dungeon or into rock, the caster (and entire party) will die.

Mass Levitate
Base Level: 8     Guilds: See, Wiz
Required Stats: 12 Str, 16 Int, 16 Wis, 14 Con, 12 Dex
NON_COMBAT Spell, will Levitate entire party.
This spell accomplishes the same as Feather Essence, except it affects an entire party.

Base Level: 12     Guilds: See, Wiz
Required Stats: 17 Int, 14 Wis, 11 Con, 17 Dex
COMBAT & NON_COMBAT Spell, will either cause 4 Monsters in 4 Groups to be Teleported or will teleport a character and their party with a range of multiple levels.
One of the Seeker's and Wizard's most useful spells that can move the caster and any party up or down and around the dungeon a maximum of three levels. This spell can also be used in Combat to transport attacking enemies so far away they they are impaled in solid rock! When used in combat, the effectiveness of this spell is based on the creatures magical resistance.

Base Level: 12     Guilds: See, Wiz
Required Stats: 16 Int, 20 Wis, 15 Con
NON_COMBAT Spell, returns the caster or party to the Set Sanctuary location.
When invoked, this spell will instantly transport the caster and any party members to the location that 'Set Sanctuary' was cast last. If 'Set Sanctuary' has not been cast, nothing will happen. Be warned that throwing this spell takes great energy and ages the caster approximately one year.

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