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Mordor XP: The Team

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The Team

Project Lead

  • Braindead (Peter De Decker)
  • Crusher Junior

Programming (Main game)

  • Braindead
  • Cowboy (David Cairns)
  • Peterg70 (Peter Geofferey)

Graphical Artists

  • Aardless
  • Crusher Junior
  • Darthblevis
  • Pillx
  • Taffer (Retired)

Music/Sound Effect Artists

  • Ezeeri (Andrzej Czaplinski)
  • Toukoq (Touko Ruokolainen)

Dungeon Maintainer

  • Ninja (Retired)


  • Fart642000 (Retired)

Help File Creator

  • BeefontheBone (Tom Pickard)

Description Writers

  • A.J. Raffles
  • BeefontheBone
  • BLauritson (Ben Lauritson)
  • Gutsy (Greg Malette) (Retired)
  • Zahmees (Ted Zontag)

Editor Programming

  • Braindead
  • Kobex

Installer Programming

  • Braindead


  • Direnar (Kostyantyn Myroshnychenko)


  • Freepository: We use Freepository for keeping track of our file changes to MordorXP. It has cut our development times in more than half (as we no longer have to wait on each other and we have no more need for exchanging of zip files). We are extremely pleased about their services, great stuff, thousands times better than! [img]/style_emoticons/default/ok.gif[/img]

Interested in joining?

We are always looking for talented people to join our quest, check the Mordor XP: Recruiting page for details!

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