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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol October 2009 Update

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A few members have been requesting a new update, so here it is! This is just a small update to show off a few things. :)

Take a look... some new monsters. There is truly so much new monster art that it is overwhelming to figure out where each monster should go! On top of the original Mordor 1 arsenal of monster pictures, we have expanded the selection by approximately 500%. Just imagine how many monsters that corresponds to! user posted image
Looking at the monsters below, please keep in mind the following notes:
1. Even though the Ranger is carrying a bow and arrow, ranged weapons are not an available weapon category.
2. I don't believe we have shown any new waters dwellers until now (the Sea Hunter).
3. The Giant Frog finally looks like a frog and not like anything else that does not remotely resemble a frog.
4. I have no idea how the Animated Armour is managing to hold that sword.
5. The Wailing Writher is not a mutated octopus tentacle. Fear it!
6. Yes, you are correct. That lich does really look that good in real life.

Wailing Writher
user posted image user posted image user posted image
Sea Hunter
Animated Armour
Giant Frog
user posted image user posted image user posted image

To top off this small update, here is a musical piece that has an eerie feel to it, but ends on an epic note. This is a piece intended to be played as you work your way through the dungeon. user posted image

Listen here!

New Recruits

If you are a programmer experienced in VC++, please send Crusher Junior a private message if you are interested in helping the development team.

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