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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol October 2007 Update

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October Update

My favorite time of...well, every other month. user posted image

More Tweaks

As always, more changes have been made to the game (for the better, we hope!). Thankfully, an unbelievable number of bugs has been resolved, although admittedly a handful of these were introduced by new additions to the code. Regardless, we are making progress. user posted image
New tweaks include changes to the combat system, such as increasing the difficulty of melee fighting. The defense of the creature being attacked is not ignored as it is in Mordor 1, and thus landing a blow is more difficult that it was before. This is particularly noticeable in the beginning of the game, which is considerably more challenging because of this change. We are investigating ways to balance out this issue at the moment, such as the incorporation of new item classes to offer increased attack and defense bonuses.
Several changes have been made to party movement. In fact, I believe the entire party movement code has been totally rewritten! If the party hits a random teleporter and is scattered, you will automatically remain in control of the character that was selected when you hit the teleporter. Falling down chutes is more party-friendly and allows the player to decide whether or not they want levitating characters to follow the character(s) who fell down the chute. No more annoying moments when you fall down a pit and find your entire party lost and disbanded. Party movement will probably need further tweaking, especially with some of the graphical changes that we hope to implement soon. Did I say too much already? user posted image

Other Changes

There are several changes that don't really affect gameplay, but have been implemented for the fun of the game. One such change is the addition of many new guild titles for reaching specific levels. On top of that, we've replaced some of the old guild masters with new ones, and will probably continue to replace all of them. Discussions of changing the guild master system and/or the reward system (such as the guild crest or for completing quests) are in preliminary stages. I hope the guilds end up playing a more prominent role in this game.
Other changes that are yet to be implemented, but are already relatively structured, relate to the history of the game. We will hopefully include a time-line of past events (most if not all of these events will be mentioned in item and monster descriptions) and possibly a map of Marlith and the surrounding areas such as the Dark Forest, Gredla, goblin villages west of the Dark Forest, and much more. In addition to all of this, it is quite likely that we will include Marlith's calendar, which will probably be composed of 11 months in a year, with each month containing four 8 day weeks. The last two weeks of the year are part of a festival. We'll have to work out all the minor kinks and details for this calendar, so some of these statistics may change. All of these ambitions are purely for fun and flavor - we hope you enjoy them and take care to appreciate them. user posted image


It has been a considerably long time since we’ve talked about the identification process of items (since November 2005, that is!). The process for identifying items is the same, but most of the art is yet to be revealed. In case you've forgotten how this works, all unidentified items that you find in the dungeon that do not have a name identified yet will display a general picture for the specific class of the item. Classes with subclasses follow this rule too. For instance, Plate Armour, Chain Mail, and Plate Mail all have different unidentified pictures. Many of these pictures are very creative and humorous, both in their shapes and in their messages. Take a look!

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

And speaking of funny item pictures, I'll drop a hint to look for Easter Egg items. I will apologize ahead of time for the terrible pun in the next sentence. I obviously won't spoil what any of these items are, or else they'd be wouldn't be Easter Eggs anymore, - they'd be more like rotten eggs. Once again, I offer my deepest apologies. user posted image

Know Your Enemy

I mentioned in the August 2007 update that monsters "will show up unexpectedly (and inconveniently) with a different set of companions each time." Well, what exactly is the purpose of this? Is there any use to alternating companions upon each encounter? You guessed it - of course there is. Instead of telling you why, how about I just give you an example?
Fungus Patches: Fungus Patches are essentially groups of fungus infesting the dungeon together. There are over 10 different types of these creatures that will spawn together. Here are 6 of them:
Ancient Fungus: This slime is completely immune to weapons, so you'll have to resort to magic to kill this sucker. It is extra-vulnerable to fire, but immune to mind, paralysis, drain, acid, and partially resistant to everything else. A word of advice - take away its cane and it will no longer be able to easily slide over to you. It can't possibly be tough to outrun an old slime-ball like this...can it?
Burning Fungus: This slime is immune to fire, mind, and paralysis spells, as well as highly resistant to a few other spell classes. It can breathe fire and cast fire spells as well. Roasting marshmallows on this fungus is not recommended.
Electric Fungus: To no one's surprise, this slime is immune to electric, mind, and paralysis attacks. On top of that, it can electrocute and cast electrical spells. Note: do not attempt to re-charge batteries with this slime's attacks. It will not work. Correction - it will not work if you want to avoid seeing your hair stand on end.
Fighting Fungus: This slime isn't immune to any particular attacks (aside from mind and paralysis, like most slimes), but it does have more melee integrity than other slimes, as its name suggests. It is more capable of hitting and dodging attacks, plus it has more hit points than most of the other fungal patches. Unlike other slimes, it can critically hit too. Never underestimate the power of slime.
Petrifying Fungus: The Petrifying Fungus can stone opponents, so beware of its instant-kill ability. Who'd have thought a slab of goo could make you feel so...well, rocky and brittle? I thought slime is supposed to feel slippery!
Rubbery Fungus: The Rubbery Fungus is more daunting than some of the other slimes. It has weapon resistance, is completely immune to magic, and has considerably more hit points than the other slimes. Suggested tactics include kicking it as hard as possible, forcing it to repeatedly bounce of the surrounding walls until the walls are splattered with goo.

It's clear that if you come upon an unlucky combination of these slimy creatures, you won't be able to wipe them all out in a single round because of their immunities. This can be quite unnerving if you are not paying attention - keep in mind that there are many combinations of these fungus patches that can show up. It is wise to set up buffers consisting of different spell-types just in case you come across monster groups like these. Who knows how many times you'll have to guess which attack is most effective the first time you come upon these creatures? Don't forget that there are other monsters types that use similar patterns like these as well. They will quickly become your least favorite monsters to encounter. Or, that would be true, if we didn't happen to be working on other special skills that will make killing monsters more difficult than simply...killing them. user posted image

Interested in joining the project?

As usual, we're always looking for talented graphical artists and other talented people to join our cause. Look in the new recruitments thread thread for details.

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