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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol November 2008 Update

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November Update

Sorry for the dry run last month, and for the delay this month as well! Production has been rather slow lately, but hopefully this month's update will make up for the lack of an update last month. user posted image The next update will be on January 1, 2009.

Sound Effects

Let me begin by saying that Mordor 1 has a handful of sound effects that simply needed to be removed. The sound effects of creatures running away from combat or the random moans you'd hear as you traveled from room to room might be some of the most irritating sounds in the game. Fortunately, we have new sound effects for many of these irritating sounds. For example, instead of creatures shouting "bye bye!" when they run away, now you simply hear the pitter patter of their feet as they scramble away. Instead of the random moans, we have other creepy sounds that will keep the tension high when exploring the dungeon! Here are some short, but good examples of the types of changes we have made!

Running Away

Wind-like background sound

Another wind-like background sound

Another Dungeon Sound

Random Voice Over Level

These are, of course, only a small handful of sounds you will randomly hear as you walk through the dungeon. There is a particularly creepy set of sounds for spell casters we have that will surely give you the shivers when you hear them. user posted image

Let me cap off this portion of the update with a new musical piece, considering how long it has been since we've released any new music. Similar to another town piece released in the August 2007 update, this piece is lively as well with hints of grander. Along with the previous town music that was released, this one is just an example of how you will not be subjected to the same, monotonous song over and over when in the town or in the dungeon. There is at least one other (although likely more) piece so far that fits as music to be played in town as well.

Town Piece!

Un-Identified Monsters

Looking at these pictures reminds me of how long ago this subject was first mentioned! Way back when we briefly mentioned that when one fails to identify a monster in the dungeon, then the picture of the actual monster would not be displayed. The purpose behind this is to prevent players from identifying monsters based purely off of their pictures, which will be easier in MXP than it is in Mordor 1 since there is a larger variety of pictures and hence more unique pictures. The February 2006 update showed the picture for the un-identified warrior. Now, you can take a look at some other un-identified monster class pictures as well!

Beasts, such as bears Bat-winged creatures
user posted image user posted image
Bird-winged creatures Botanical creatures
user posted image user posted image

New Recruits

Looking to help? To apply for a position, please refer to the New Recruits topic for details and send a private message to Crusher Junior. We are particularly interested in a programmer experienced in VC++ at the moment.

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