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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol June 2008 Update

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We're getting there or should that be we will be getting there: the finish line is in sight but we still have to tackle some issues... A Brief status report

I'm quite pleased with the progress we have made so far on the game sources , the programming team (especially elro and walky) tackled a lot of nasty bugs the last months and the game is becoming really (much more) playable now...

There's still a ways to go though, before we unleash the game to the public we would like to finish the following things: Programmer's List: [list] [*] Implement dungeon skins [*] Item identification process is finished, but we still need to tackle the monster identification process. [*] Finish the bounty board implementation [*] Customizable keys [*] Possibility to bind multiple actions to 1 buffer key (eg cast several spells in succession with the press of 1 button) [*] Rendering engine [*] Implement character portraits [*] Put the storyline actually inside the game [*] Further cleaning of the source to get rid of the remainder of the bugs [*] as in Demise adding a similar hidden t-room, but actually better than the tea-room. Better than the tea-room, what could that be? a mid-way level resting place? a coffee-shop? ...? [/list]

Editor Programmer's List: [list] [*] bounty file changes [*] storyline data file [*] dungeon skin editor [*] further data file cleanup where useful. [/list]

Art Team: [list] [*] create additional background pictures for the equivalent of the Demise tea-room [*] Monster pictures, there are still a few monsters without a face that need a picture, some of the already assigned monster pictures need to be replaced [*] Item pictures, 30 item pictures unassigned [*] Finish the unidentified monster and item representations. [*] so nearly there for the art team (major thanks to aardless and Crusher Jr for being the major suppliers in this area) [/list]

Descriptions Team: [list] [*] 50% done of monster descriptions, 75% of the item descriptions. (major thanks to zahmees for coming up with cracking descriptions) [/list]

Maps: [list] [*] Estimate 80% done, still needs to be playtested thoroughly [*] Dungeon Skin needs to be applied to each square once the map editor and main program are ready for it. [/list]

Story-line: [list] [*] We have a good basis we're working on, but it needs to be finetuned and to be put inside the game. [/list]

Help-file: [list] [*] Needs work, but we already have some elementary stuff in there. [/list]

Music/Sound Effects: [list] [*] While the music in Mordor is not so good, the music in MordorXP is truly great, I even turn the volume up a notch while playing MordorXP. So grats to our musicians for creating musical pieces of top quality, I'm sure they'll come up with a few other great pieces we can use in the themed areas of the dungeons. [/list]

....This section could have been a lot shorter by just saying "enough to keep us a few more months busy at least..." but then you couldn't have put into perspective.

More creatures in the dungeon!

As you know, at the moment only a few playable races have a monster to represent them, while others, like the Dwarves, have more than one. In an effort to curtail this unacceptable racistic state of affairs, we will be adding more creatures in the dungeon to represent monsters belonging to the playable races (Osiri-like characters, for instance). These character representations will also be handy once we get to the multiplayer phase (second phase of the project, planned after public release of single player game) to actually represent your opponent players or should I say your player companions. user posted image There be monsters! We love monster pictures, after all we are Mordor fans in heart and veins, so we couldn't keep from you the following beautiful Mordor-like art our Art Team has knocked out of it's collective sleeves.

See the emerald golemn in all it's glory...

Image:Mordor XP Emerald Golem.png

There be items!

As already mentioned in previous updates of MordorXP, contrary to the Mordor you know, Mordor XP will actually also include wonderful art to represent the items, a few teasers:

From left to right: Landria's Hammer, Ring of Disruption, Shadow Axe, representation of unidentified rock.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

We need your help...

To reenforce our team we're looking especially for the following talents: [list] [*] talented graphical artists are always welcome, we really dig people who can create Mordor-like monster pictures and beautiful background art. [*] talented writers to assist in writing descriptions [*] if you think you can assist in an area we have not thought of feel free to contact us too. [/list]

To apply for a position send a private message to Crusher Junior who will get back to you, please refer to the New Recruits topic for details

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