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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol June 2007 Update

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The June Update

Lots of goodies below! :)

New Monsters!

With a recent surge in programming these past two months, we have finally come around to adding some of the components we mentioned in previous updates. After a major code clean-up, along with many new additions, we can finally add new creatures to the game and have them appear in the dungeon! Thankfully, with the new editor, this is very easy to do. Though we will mostly add creatures only below level 15, there are a few new ones in the upper floors as of now as well. We will add more as time goes on. For balance and monster companion reasons, we've also moved a few creatures, like the Havannan Lion, to different floors (with new stats, of course). Just for fun, here is an example of a tough level 20 monster with a temporary picture:

user posted image

While the stats may seem a bit alarming - well, what did you expect? It is level 20 after all. Even so, this creature has rather high stats since it spawns alone. On top of that, it is a rare creature to encounter. Don't go for a swim with this little fishy. :bleh:

Movement throughout the dungeon...

...has become much cleaner. The dungeon graphics, along with all of the pictures, have been sharpened drastically. The change is very noticeable, and makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing experience. The game engine is still undergoing new upgrades to support additional quirks for the dungeon, though you'll have to wait for another update to hear more about that. user posted image At the moment, although we have multiple dungeon textures to use, the game only supports one dungeon texture at a time. Making it support many textures is on our to-do list. On the plus side, the latest dungeon texture, which is composed of marble walls and floors, looks stunning. Keep in mind that this texture is still subject to change. B)

user posted image

On top of the improved graphics, the game fully supports adding themed music to specific areas of the dungeon now. A few of the themed pieces will play randomly while you are traversing throughout the dungeon, but once you enter a particular area, such as the forest, only music specifically created for the forest area will play. If you notice a sudden transition in music, stay on guard. This could very well mean that a laired boss is nearby. This will definitely make the experience come to life more, and will help create a new mood for the surrounding areas.

Updated Town

We've re-updated the town once again. Although there may be a need to add a couple more buildings in the future, we have another layout that we are currently using in the game. However, one of our graphical artists is also working on a different town screen, so who knows if this one will stay or not. user posted image

user posted image

Interested in joining the project?

As usual, we're always looking for talented people to help us out. If you are interested in helping out, send Crusher Junior a PM. This time we're especially looking for a person skilled in making sound effects. As always talented graphical artists are welcome to join the forces as well. Look in the new recruitments thread for details.

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