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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol June 2006 Update

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Under Construction! Please Visit Reserve Page. Page Will Be Available Shortly

The Main Menu

We stated in the April Update that we have created a completely new main menu, since the old menu was pretty dull. The menu is in the shape of a castle, with four monster pictures (one on each tower) and a selection of options on the center tower. The castle is surrounded by water, and the outline is a gray-ish fog that will easily blend into the gray Mordor screen. Hopefully, this will help to brighten up the game layout, while keeping a Mordor-like feel with the castle theme. You can take a look at the current version of the menu below.

user posted image

City Layout

We also mentioned in the April Update that the city has a completely new look to it. We separated the library from the guild hall for your convenience, although the library can still be accessed from the guilds. The following screenshot is only an outline of what the city layout will look like; the final version will look quite different from this. The buildings will have designs instead of being blank (as in this screenshot).

user posted image

Buildings have labels pointing out their functions. Clicking on any of them will bring up a new screen. For example, if you click on the building labeled 'BOUNTY BOARDS,' a new screen will come up, revealing the image of the bounty board. The following screenshot shows this board. Some of the messages are intended to be at least slightly humorous, but they pertain to Mordor nevertheless. There seems to have been plenty of support for the board in Mordor II, so we feel that it is appropriate to bring this addition to MXP. The purpose of the bounty board will be similar to the role it played in Mordor II: you can find small quests (not required quests) such as 'Kill Monster X on level 5 for 50,000 gold pieces' or 'Return 1 steel dagger for a tamed Namana.'

user posted image


Here is something that all Mordor players can contribute to the MXP project. In the helplesson, there are quotes at the top of each page. These quotes are meant to be said by characters in Dejenol, so you can post any quote that you feel is appropriate for the MXP helplesson, and we may possibly include it in the game. This feature is present only minimally in the current Mordor 1 version. For example:

“And when the darkness fell from the land, all was well’ wrote the scholars. However, since anything that once existed can never cease to exist, this evil must still be out there to be found!” -- “Torak”, Historian of Mordor"

Another example that we used in MXP came from an accident where someone mis-spelled "Bells of Kwalish" and wrote "Balls of Qualish" instead, creating a humorous effect (at least for the MXP members user posted image ):

"They say that in order to trick death ye must have balls of qualish..." -- Ancient (and probably untrue) rumour that has been going around Dejenol's taverns for centuries."

If you are feeling particularly bright, then feel free to chip in with a quote or two. :)

Interested in joining the project?

We are always looking for talented people to join our quest, check the Mordor XP: Recruiting page for details!

At the moment, we are especially interested in someone with extensive knowledge of Visual C++ in order to work on the game editor. (Only experienced candidates, please.)

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