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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol February 2009 Update

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February Update

Welcome to a very important update user posted image . The reason for the delay is that we have been discussing the future of the project, so please read ahead to some decisions we have come to. user posted image

What's to come?

I mentioned in the last update that this may well be the last public update for the time being. This does not mean production has stopped - rather, it is a sign of the changes to come. The development team has come to the decision that we will release the first version of Mordor XP sometime in the near future. The initial release will be an unfinished but fully functional version of the game. Once the game is complete, we will release the full, single-player version to the public. The final version will include more features, less bugs, more item and monster descriptions, a better help file, and more item and monster pictures. Our goal after that is to tackle the multi-player portion of the game, which will subsequently be released once it is finished. It should be mentioned that characters from the 'first' release might not be compatible with the 'final' release of the game, meaning you will need to restart your characters once the final version is released.

The purpose behind releasing a first version of the game is that the game has been in development for quite a long time, and it seems that our list of ideas doesn't seem to be getting any shorter as more and more ideas are piled on. We do not want to continuously postpone release dates, nor do we want to withhold the game from the public for an even longer period of time. It may very well be that some exciting features that are in the process of development will not be available in the initial release. Most likely, we will cut back on some goals we had; for instance, we may not include a unique picture for every item in the initial release. If needed, we will double up on some items in the meantime, but will create new pictures for any 'doubles' in the final release. Also, although many items and monsters already have completed descriptions, this section of the game will likely not be complete in the first release since it is not essential for gameplay.

What's going on right now?

To give you a brief idea of what is done so far in terms of non-coding work, let's take a look at our work on monsters. We have over four times as many monster pictures as the original Mordor has, which equates to many, many new monsters for you to meet. A large handful of original Mordor 1 monsters have new pictures, but most of our new pictures are for new monsters. Considering there will be some repetition of monster pictures, you can get some understanding of how many new monsters are in store for the game! On the down-side of progress, about 60% of monster descriptions are actually finished, though I predict that this portion of development will begin to catch up soon enough.

To give you an idea of some major changes that we are looking into, right now we have proposed several ideas on how to completely overhaul the races. Here are a few ideas we have in store. Keep in mind that these are only ideas, and either some, one, or none of the following could be implemented into the final product:

  • One idea is to balance the races by adjusting racial statistics, including characteristic stats (like strength and intelligence), resistances, experience progression, and so on.
  • Another idea is to adjust which guilds are open to each race in a more balanced manner than before. Races like the Troll or the Giant would be given better options, while others would be nerfed down and adjusted accordingly.
  • A third idea is to allow each race to join every guild, with restrictions set only by alignment. However, each race would face limitations or gain advantages based on what guild they are in. For instance, a Giant would gain advantages as a Warrior; however, although he could become a Sorcerer if he wished to be one, he would face limitations on his spell-casting ability (perhaps his spells will be more ineffective, or he will require more mana to cast certain spells, etc).

New Recruits

If you are a programmer experienced in VC++, please send Crusher Junior a private message if you are interested in helping the development team.

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