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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol February 2008 Update

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Welcome to the first update of the new year!

Due to recent time constrictions on my behalf, this update will mostly summarize the current status of the game. I apologize ahead of time.

Physical Content

Let's begin with some of the content we have finished and hope to finish so far.

At one point during production, we hoped to create enough item pictures to reduce too much redundancy among the art. In other words, we expected to assign each picture to a few items. However, our ambition grew, and we ended up with a one to one ratio between items and pictures. Every item has its own, unique picture now. There may be a couple stragglers left behind that share the same picture, but that problem can easily be taken care of.

Unfortunately, the monster art will not be following the same path as the item art has. Some monsters will share a common picture, although we are striving to give all bosses and particularly unique characters their own pictures. Hopefully this will satisfy you. On the plus side, there are several new classes of monsters, so expect the number of monsters to grow greatly. user posted image

On the musical side, we have completely overshadowed the amount of music in Mordor 1. We have also surpassed the quality of those old midi tunes by quite a lot. The game is fully capable of playing many songs in different areas of the dungeon, but the functionality to play multiple songs in the same area has not been added yet. This will, of course, be added in the future, but it is low on our priority list compared to what else needs to be finished. On that note, we have a very long list of even more features we would like to add to the game. Just to give an example, one of these desired features is the ability to dual-wield weapons. While this is not 100% going to make it into the game, it is certainly a possibility with the right level of tweaking and balancing. And of course, the game is heading in a bug-free direction.

Regarding descriptions, we are lagging in descriptions more than we would like. We are about two-thirds of the way finished with the descriptions. Once the focus is shifted off other aspects of the game, we will put more attention into description writing.

What should I do when I first load up the game?

The main menu has slightly changed a bit, and we would like the public’s opinion on what step to take next. We replaced the textual button icons with picture icons.

How would you like to see the buttons labeled? Would you like to keep it as is? Should the button we labeled by scrolling your mouse over the picture? Or should the picture have a textual label underneath it to clarify things?

This is how the menu looks when you load it up:

user posted image

The four monsters in the corners are not buttons. The Blue Pelagon wearing the Uncle Sam hat represents Character Creation. The button to the left of it is the Character List option, and the button to the right represents the Hall of Records. Underneath the Blue Pelagon is the Load Character option. Directly below that, the button with the goblin peaking behind the door is the Exit button. The gears to the left represent Options, and the button on the bottom right represents the Helplesson.

When you load up a character, the menu changes.

user posted image

The Load Character button is replaced with the Unload Character button. To the right, the eraser represents Delete Character (careful!), and to the left you can change your password. The big mining picture in the middle is for Explore Dungeon, and the cash registers above that are for the Exchange Items button.

So make a decision based on these screenshots and let us know what you think we should do.

Keep in mind that this is just a general outline of what has been done, and does not touch on all of what we have completed or are working on so far.

Interested in joining the project?

As usual, we're always looking for talented graphical artists and other talented people to join our cause. Look in the [\"\" new recruitments thread] thread for details.

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