Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol February 2007 Update

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February Update

Another update in February. However, it's 2007 this time. user posted image

Storyline Update

In the August 2006 update, we posted a snippet of the introduction for evil characters. But that was only for evil-aligned players: each alignment has its own path to follow. For the most part, each alignment follows the same sequence of quests; however, each different-aligned character will report to someone different. In turn, each character will have different conversations with their instructor, and will also find out various bits of information. For instance, the evil storyline reveals more about the dangers residing in the depths early on, but to create balance, the other storylines will reveal other juicy bits of information before the evil one does. Evil characters will report to Gomun, the head of the rogue guild. You do not level up in this guild as you do in the other guilds; instead, it is a meeting place for you to report to the leader of the scoundrels in the city of Marlith. Gomun is bad-tempered at times, and his motivation for sending you into the depths becomes more and more unclear until you start to piece everything together. Neutral characters will report to Mayor Gatsfil, who will be accompanied by his secretary (Wilfred) at times. Gatsfil shows a concern for the safety of his people, and is extremely worried when you come back to him and report a murder. You will see Gatsfil shift around from Lawful Neutral to Chaotic Neutral, and back, depending on the current situation. The fate of the good-aligned characters has not been decided yet. We have not settled on a leader for the good characters yet. It may end up being the head of the Paladin's guild, the organizer of all the guilds, or the healer in the morgue. A mysterious boy who somehow knows more than he is telling you could be a potential candidate as well. user posted image Aside from Gomun, Mayor Gatsfil, and the unknown good-aligned leader, all characters will report to the Seer at certain points in the storyline. At long last, this means that the Seer will be a bit more useful than he/she/it ( user posted image ) was in Mordor 1. Of course, the gender of the Seer will remain a mystery throughout the game. :sneaky:

Bounty Board

Back in the June 2006 update, we showed you a screenshot of the bounty board and gave a very brief explanation of how it works. Recently, the bounty board has been incorporated into the game, and can be accessed from town. There is a list of the bounties in the top left corner of the bounty board. If you click on the bounty name, the description will show up in the bottom right text box. Unlike the Mordor 2 and Demise bounty boards, our goal is to allow you to accept only one bounty at a time. So if a bounty says "Kill a Green Ooze on level 2," you have to accept the bounty before you can complete it. While this may seem unfair to some people, it creates more balance and gives the game a slightly more realistic feel. Otherwise, you will end up completing bounties without even trying to do them, and this does not make sense. At the moment, all the bounties are just 'test bounties,' and you cannot accept them yet. The bounties that show up depend on your level. The higher your level, the more high-level bounties will be listed. Possible goals for the future include requiring you to complete multiple tasks for a single bounty, such as "Bring back a Giant Slug and a Potion of Health for a pair of Gnarled Hands." Keep in mind that not all bounties have a positive reward - beware of which ones you choose to accept. :naughty:

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Interested in joining the project?

As usual, we're always looking for talented people to help us out. If you are interested in helping out, send me a PM. Last time, we briefly mentioned that we need someone to work on organizing the dungeon, but it wasn't really a priority at the time. However, this time, we are looking for some help in maintaining the dungeon. Graphical artists are always welcome as well. Look in the new recruitments thread for details.

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