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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol August 2008 Update

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Enough with the summaries already!

So the past few updates have been more about what's gone on lately and less about what's to come. You've read about many changes. You'd heard about some ideas we have debated about. Most of all, you have been shown what can be called 'refinements' to the original game. However, you haven't seen some important aspects of the game: exactly what new things can I get my hands on? Let's begin!

Get ready to equip yourself!

You have already seen a new class of armour called leggings, which you can wear one set of at a time. It is a new way to build upon your defensive ability in order to help cope with the increased difficulty of melee combat. Like any other class of items, there is a hierarchy of progressively more powerful leggings. Here is a beautiful picture of the unidentified greaves:

user posted image

Protection from physical attacks is obviously not enough in Mordor. Resistances are crucial to survival as well. For players who don't have access to spell casting, or just don't have the right items yet to boost their resistances, we decided to include two types of potions that offer resistances. Unlike in Mordor 1, potions will not automatically grant 95% resistance anymore. The amount of resistance you get is based on the spell level of the potion that casts the spell. The first set of resistance potions can be found early on and will offer a small amount of resistance. The second set of resistance potions can be found slightly deeper in the dungeon and will offer more resistance. Check out the new and improved potion!

user posted image

Another way to obtain resistances is through items, of course. Certain objects, like this amulet (below), grant you resistance to one or more types of magical damage. Here is a teaser for a new amulet, the Amulet of Elements.

user posted image

Now, let's get to the best part. Armour is fun and all, but we all know that it is not normally the main interest of you players who enjoy hacking away at the pesks before you. For that reason, let's take a look at some new weapons! Below are two new weapons followed by their respective descriptions.

Adamantite Claws

user posted image

A number of unconventional weapon designs are manufactured by the smiths and enchanters of Marlith. Specialised equipment designed for the distinctive conditions found in the mines is a thriving industry in the city - helmets which glow in the dark (rather unhelpfully attracting giant insects), corrosion-resistant metal umbrellas to protect oneself from whatever the stuff which drips from the ceiling is and magical breadcrumbs for the frequently lost do a roaring trade. The close-quarters fighting which adventurers commonly find themselves involved in also creates a market for dungeon-friendly weaponry. These claws, made from the rare and extremely strong metal known as adamantite, are a fine example. Retractable for comfortable storage and razor-sharp, they are ideal for slicing through dense packs of monsters, performing impromptu barbery or ripping open the underbellies of great cave wyrms. A particularly risky maneuver employed by only the most daredevil of warriors involves getting the party's giant to hurl the claw-wearer at the enemy at great speed for a quick evisceration.

Sabre of Light
user posted image

Carefully crafted from the delicately-carved wood of the Nisyan tree, which grows only high in the mountains, requiring intense, skilled cultivation and several centuries to reach maturity, the hilt of the Sabre of Light appears at first glance to be simply a decorative piece, emblazoned with beautiful religious imagery. Further inspection by a mage or diviner will, however, reveal its true nature. A small quantity of magic channeled into one of the carvings will cause the blade of the sabre to spring forth from the hilt. Composed of intense, near-blinding light constrained by elegant magics into a long, slightly curved shape of remarkable sharpness, the blade makes a distinctive humming noise when swung, as its edge tears the very air itself. Sabres of Light are used by their creators, the warrior-monks of the monastery of Shuradraya, in the spectacular duels which are the culmination of their martial training - those who are victorious are despatched into the world to hunt down evil forces and spread the word of the Aegionite faith to unbelievers, their sabres cutting down the undead creatures and demons who tarnish the beauty of creation with their presence. Adventurers of a less religious bent who come across a Sabre of Light will find it useful in the same capacity, as well as being highly portable when the blade is retracted and cutting down their expenses on lantern fuel.

Let's meet some new baddies!

Our primary focus for the past month or so has been on adding new monster models. We spent so much time working on items that monsters were lagging behind in production. However, a slew of fantastic art has inspired new creatures for you to meet. Take a look at some truly spectacular art! The top left picture is for a new member of the Indigini class. The top right picture is for the Green Dragon. The bottom left is a Lava Troll. The bottom right is a Gazer.

user posted image user posted image
user posted image user posted image

Background Content

To conclude this update, I would like to reiterate how much background content we have in this game. The amount of information we have provided is simply staggering. The final product will have well over 1000 item and monster descriptions. Many of these descriptions tell stories, others connect to the storyline, and others refer to the history of not only Marlith and Dejenol, but also of the surrounding lands as well. A new task that has been set in motion that I am excited to see develop is a presentation of the History of Dejenol, which will provide you with plenty of background content. We only hope that you are prepared to go through a ton of humorous, informative, and exceptionally interesting writing. user posted image

New Recruits

Looking to help? To apply for a position, please refer to the New Recruits topic for details and send a private message to Crusher Junior.

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