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Mordor XP: The Demise of Dejenol August 2006 Update

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August MXP Update

It's that time once again. user posted image

The Story Behind It All

While we have mentioned in the past that MXP will have a storyline, we have not mentioned much else about it. For instance, what is the player's motivation to explore the depths? What new evils await the player in the dark, dank (and not to mention dirty) sewers and dungeons below? Below is the last passage of the introduction to MXP; since this is the last part of it, the names and context will not mean much at the moment, but it will still give you a rough impression of the storyline. ;)

Back in the guild, Gomun listens to you very carefully. He doesn't stop you once you begin your story, and his face is very grave while he listens. When you are through, he says simply, "Right... so you say the Lightstone released all its energy in one shot? And all that is left of Burke is this medallion? Wait here, and read this. You might find it interesting." He leaves you with an old tattered parchment and takes the amulet from you. You understand the parchment is an excerpt form an old adventurer's journal, dating 400 years ago: "Finally the passage is sealed. The mages worked three days and nights straight to put the spell into place, and here it is. The evil hordes shall not break through anytime soon." Evil hordes? Not good. You read on: "It is not permanent however, and may be broken if the forces underground ally with forces above. I do not know the details of the ritual, but I do know it requires human sacrifices: Blood Magic. Only then may the Prince of Darkness, along with The Four, resurface again. I am calm though, for no one knows the secret besides us, the heroes of Dejenol, and the wizards, and they are on our side." The parchment ends on this ambiguous phrase, and you fall on the back of your seat. The Prince of Darkness...The Four. You have no idea who these are, but they sound scary.

Gomun bursts into the room. "I have met with the Seer, and we need you to do something. Too much is at stake to wait. Go get some supplies for a trip below."

Though the guild is no more, he is still your superior, and even if you do not like it, you decide to obey the one you consider as your father. After all, you are his most skilled apprentice. It is time you show the world what you can do!

Music and Sound Effects

Our musician has come up with a few entertaining ideas that will help enhance game-play. With each step the player takes, the sound of a footstep is made, and the frequency of the sound is adjusted according to how fast the player is moving. Anyone who doesn't like this feature is free to turn it off. user posted image Other cool and new sound effects have been added as well. According to the storyline, the top floor of the dungeon was turned into a sewer and used by the residents of Dejenol for four hundred years. To create the image of the sewer, the sound effects of wind blowing through the tunnels and dripping water in the background can be heard in this piece, which will play when you are in the sewers:

Sewer Sound Effects

Recently, the sewers have been drained and creatures have infested the area. For now, the sewer looks something like the picture below. It is basically a tunnel with other tunnels branching off of it instead of having doorways leading into other rooms. By the way, fear the Kobold! user posted image

user posted image

Aside from these sound effects, location-specific music will be played in certain areas. For instance, there is a different set of music for the town than for the dungeon. Hopefully, we will incorporate different music to match areas in the dungeon that have a theme.

Interested in joining the project?

We are always looking for talented people to join our quest, check the Mordor XP: Recruiting page for details!

At the moment, we are especially interested in someone with extensive knowledge of Visual C++ in order to work on the game editor. (Only experienced candidates, please.)

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