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Mordor XP: The Demise Of Dejenol September 2005 Update

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Current State of the Project

As more bugs are being tackled, new features are being added as well. For one, taking care of companions has finally become manageable. A 'companion' option has been added to the Party Information Box. Upon clicking on the companion option, a box opens up. This box lists the companions of all of your characters. It lists the creature name, its current HP/max HP, which character it belongs to, its alignment and how high its binding level is. Here are both screenshots:

user posted image

Keeping track of companions used to be a bit of a hassle, especially if you were playing with multiple players who each had companions: companions would run away before you even realized that their binding level had decreased. With the new companion window, it is easy to spot discontent companions, and it is equally easy to see whether a companion is low on HP and needs healing. This is particularly useful if the companion doesn't belong to the selected character. It also allows you to keep the inventory/spell windows open more often.


Mordor 1 did not have a storyline. The main purpose is to stay alive and level your characters so that they become more powerful. The ultimate goal is to conquer level 15 and kill Asmodeus. There are some side quests, though. These side quests are purely optional: Some players attempt to fill their confinement with every monster in the game or collect all the items in the game, while others stick to a pure hack and slash game. Starting from Mordor II a storyline was introduced, which was further developed in the successor Demise.
We feel that the storyline is a nice addition to the game and therefore our Mordor remake will also contain a storyline. For those of you who have played Demise, there is a storyline where you have to complete quests for Lord Gherrick and eventually defeat the Ku'tan Jenal.
The storyline for Mordor XP is different: While the main idea is the same as in Demise, namely to reveal the storyline gradually as you venture deeper and to link it to the monsters you meet, the storyline in Mordor XP will have certain twists, depending on the alignment you chose at the beginning of the game. This does mean that our storyline writer will have more work as he needs to cover 3 paths: a good, a neutral and an evil storyline. But he has an excellent idea for the ending, in a way that he's able to merge all the storylines to the same ending point.
The introduction, which sets out the main path for the story, already has been written in detail and also the first chapters have been set out. We'd like to give you a taste of the excellent writing, but at this point that would be too much of a spoiler. ;)

Item Pictures

As stated in the July Update, the items will all have pictures. Of course, just as this is currently the case for monster pictures in Mordor, some of the items will share the same picture.
As a teaser, one picture from a handful of the item classes has been added. Mostly only the more basic items have been posted; the more elaborate pictures for the higher level items are being saved for surprises when the game comes out. This way you'll be able to discover the excellent art yourself. [img]/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif[/img]


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

Head Protection

user posted image

Hand Protection

user posted image


user posted image

Foot Protection

user posted image

Wrist Protection

user posted image


user posted image

Leg Protection

user posted image

Waist Protection

user posted image

Neck Ornament

user posted image


There will be new creatures to fight in Mordor XP. Expect to see an addition of low-level, mid-level and high-level creatures throughout the dungeon. Mordor 1 has 83 different monster pictures. We currently have approximately 65 more new pictures. So if we get permission to use the original pictures as well, we will have a grand total of approximately 148 monster pictures already. Quite impressive, if I may say so myself, especially since there are still more pictures to come. In Mordor the same picture is often used for creatures of the same class. If new submissions of quality art of monsters continues there will be a lot more unique monster pictures in Mordor XP. [img]/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img]


While the thought has crossed our minds, at the moment there are no plans to add new spells in Mordor XP. It might be easier to use the same spells from Mordor 1 in Mordor XP, while some people may prefer new spells. As stated in one of the threads in the public forum, we will have to rebalance the power of the spells once we go in dedicated testing. This may include removing spells from some guilds and adding spells to others.

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