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Mordor XP: The Demise Of Dejenol November 2005 Update

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Current State of the Project

Adding new features is important, but who would like to play a game that has a lot of bugs? While new features have been added as well, the focus of the past 2 months has been on fixing the bugs. We still have a long way to go to have a bug-free game, but I must say the game has become a lot more stable. user posted image
As an example, a rather nasty bug - known to us as the cloning bug - which we have been dragging along for quite a while is now fixed. The effect of the cloning bug was only visible if you were playing a party. For instance, if you had 2 characters: Crusher and Crusher Junior, and Crusher died all of the sudden, then you had 2 Crusher Juniors. Clones acted as separate characters and the death of one clone didn't result in the original character dying as well. While it was a funny effect to us, it wasn't so funny for our programmers: according to them this bug was a real bitch to fix. user posted image

While the main focus was on resolving bugs, we couldn't help but add a few new but necessary features in the latest release as well. This includes:
  • Item pictures. Our artists have been developing marvelous item pictures but till now these pictures were not being shown inside the game. Read the In-Game Descriptions and Pictures section (below) for more information.
  • Item & monster descriptions have been included in the game. A datafile to store descriptions has been made available, so our talented writers are finally able to show off their talent inside the game as well. See In-Game Descriptions and Pictures (below) for more details.
  • Dungeon Graphics. Our artists thought the dungeon graphics could use an update and thus they developed new textures. Read the Dungeon Graphics section (below) for more details.

In-Game Descriptions and Pictures

We have officially started to add descriptions for items and monsters in the game. Items are accompanied by a nice picture in the same way that monsters are accompanied by pictures. The descriptions are for the moment only available in the library, but we will make these descriptions also available on the Item Information Tabpage.
You might think that including a description and picture for an item might allow you to identify an item just by looking at it, just as this is the case in Demise. This would be indeed so if it were not for the fact that we will implement a 3-step identification process. For each item class our artists have designed an "unidentified" picture. As said there are 3 steps of identification: We have the unidentified state, identified state and completely identified state. In the unidentified state the unidentified picture is shown (for example for an item named "Potion" this would be a bottle with a question mark), in the identified state the real item picture and name is shown (for example the picture of the potion of intelligence), in the completely identified state (which reveals the stats) the description is shown as well. You might think this is a cruel idea to reveal the description only in the last step, but it gives us the liberty to have certain spoilers in the description. user posted image
Here is an example of what the un-identified item for the scroll will look like:

user posted image

Many of the new descriptions contain some sort of humor in them. Here is an example of the description for the Slave Masher.

QUOTE("Slave Masher description")
Slave Mashers are (relatively) small giants with disgusting personal habits, named after their habit of making a kind of mashed slave dish out of anyone they catch trying to escape from his chains. Generally the lowliest members of a gang of slavers, they are sent to goblin villages in the south of Dejenol to kidnap the weaker specimens, then escort them through the dungeon in order to avoid human and elvish patrols on the surface, heading for the mountains where the slaves are put to work in the mines. Slave Mashers are often encountered in the upper levels of the dungeon, as they are usually cowards and are afraid of meeting something even nastier than they are (including their superiors in the gang, who need little excuse to take out their frustrations on the Mashers) at greater depths.

Dungeon Graphics

We all have had the feeling that if we were have to play the no-automap challenge in plain Mordor we would be completely lost after a few squares. We will try to add more variation in the dungeon graphics now that we have 2 talented artists focusing on creating new dungeon textures. The old dungeon graphics have already been replaced by new, more realistic dungeon art (walls, doors, quicksand, water, fog, etc...). At the moment our current codeset only supports one texture, but adding multiple texture-support is on our programmers todo list. Once this game is finished don't expect level 1 to look like level 20. Some levels will have a central theme, which will be reflected by the dungeon graphics. user posted image

Game Interface

If you've played Mordor 1 before, then you'll remember that the City has a general store, morgue, guild, dungeon, confinement, seer, and bank. Don't expect to see the same pictures to represent these in Mordor XP as our artists have begun to create new pictures for these sections of town as well. user posted image

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