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Mordor XP: The Demise Of Dejenol December 2006 Update

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Here we are again with an update. user posted image


The bad news...

The past 2 months have been a slow 2 months; we have all been dragging along with our work. And you know how it goes, if person A sees that person B doesn't do something, then he starts to do less work as well. And person C sees person B does less, etc... it's a vicious circle that plagued the MXP group in October and half of November.

It has been a combination of factors I guess: work overload in our real lives (school/job), the fact that we already spent a lot of time on the project (still a lot of work though) and the fact that we have been working on this project for the past 3 years now...

So does that mean nothing has happened in the last 2 months?
No not at all. Work has picked up again in the past couple weeks, and we are back on schedule to work on MXP. There was a lot less activity than previously, but our great artists have been digging out some fantastic art from their sleeves again. We are approaching the end of the list for current item pictures, but then we will have to finish working on pictures for new items as well. See below for a sample of our artists' work.

We still have good hopes of actually finishing the project, but this is a team effort and therefore we are in need of some fresh blood!

Normally we end our Mordor XP update with the postions we are seeking, but to give this some extra visibility we decided to move it to the top of our update. user posted image

Anyway, the following key positions are available:

  • 1 person with knowledge of visual C++ (this is becoming quite urgent!)
  • 1 description writer
  • several graphic artists who can draw monster art in Mordor style
  • 1 person to maintain the dungeon (test the dungeon, place the maps in increasing difficulty and optionally create new maps, previous experience with Braindead's Editor preferred).
  • 1 musician: we are looking for a musician that can create atmospheric music and sound effects.

To apply for any of the above positions send a private message to Crusher Junior and tell him why we should choose you. Also provide a sample of your work, and let us know how much time you are willing to contribute to the project. Please do not apply if you cannot spend at the very least 4 hours per week on the project.

A selection of the art creation: There be Monsters

This time, we will tell you what these monster pictures are. user posted image
The pictures in the library are currently displayed in 150x150 pixels, although we may possibly push it up to 300x300 pixels in the future.
The top left picture is the Apparitionist. The top right picture is the Velocirapterminator: this is (hopefully) a temporary name. It is one of the monsters in the Clockwork class, which was a suggestion made by several members in the Public Forum. The bottom left picture is the Vampire Bat. The bottom right picture is the Hell Bull. This bull is one of several monsters in a progression of bulls. Feel free to suggest any names for the bull.

user posted image user posted image
user posted image user posted image

A selection of the art creation: admire the items!

Once again, I will name the items below. The top left is a new super potion. We have not yet decided what this potion will do ( user posted image ). The top right is the Mithril Helmet. The bottom left picture is the Crystal of Restoration. The bottom right picture is the Gloves of Light.

user posted image user posted image
user posted image user posted image

News from the programming front

We're brushing up the bugs. There are no more crashes to desktops anymore, but a few annoying ones are left. We promise we'll get them! (hopefully user posted image)

We're also finishing the new features we have been announcing in past updates. We're almost finished creating the fixed interfaces for all the town windows; only the general store and the bounty board are left (although the bounty board image has already been created). I'll be glad when that's over (you wouldn't believe how time-consuming this is)... user posted image

Town Screenshots

The current confinement background is from Infinite Worlds, but we will probably will dig up a replacement picture for that soon enough (you won't believe how many beautiful effects aardless can make).

The Guild!

user posted image

The Confinement

user posted image
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