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What's in a name?

Mordor XP: The Demise Of Dejenol is the working title of a Mordor remake we are creating.

The 'XP' in Mordor XP stands for eXPeriment, although some of us like to think it stands for 'eXPerience' or 'eXPanded'!
Sometimes we will refer to the project by the name "Mordor MP". The MP in this title stands for 'multiplayer'.

The history and future of the project

At the end of 2002, it was first suggested to create a Mordor remake. The project was started in a programming language named Ruby. Some of the screens were developed, but development in that language never got far off the ground, as the programmers who knew how to work with Ruby left the project.
The advantage of the language was that it was platform independent, but it had a lot of disadvantages: the learning curve was rather steep, graphical support was low and the biggest disadvantage of all was that making a nice interface was very hard work and an almost impossible task.

Anyway, it was towards the beginning of 2004 when we had a discussion with the group about where we wanted to take the project. Despite the fact that the project had been two years in development, the project had not progressed far yet... We had a long discussion with the project group and - although it may not be the most powerful language - we decided to do coding in Visual Basic as that language was the language the original Mordor was created in, sufficed our needs of development (easy interface building, graphics support, etc...) and, most importantly, it is known by many people of the project group.
We have now reached a stage at which the game starts to become playable, but we still have a long way to go...

Purposes and features we want to see implemented

The purpose of the project is to recreate Mordor: The Depths Of Dejenol in such a way that it will have at least the following features:

  • Look and feel of Mordor: The Depths Of Dejenol.
    While we will strive to retain the look and feel of Mordor 1 in the remake, we will not hold back on adding improvements to the game interface if we feel it will improve the game experience.
  • Multiplayer mode.
    The main reason why we are (re)creating the game is to add a multiplayer mode to the game. This way you will be able to meet other adventurers online, attack monsters together, etc...
    While this is the main purpose, it will be one of the last features which will be implemented, as we also want to deliver a strong singleplayer game.
  • Complete new dungeon to explore.
    We have all spent hours upon hours in the 'regular' Mordor dungeon, so most of us know it blind.
    While this is pleasing in a way, we felt it's more exciting to discover new places.
  • Feature monsters and items which exist in the current Mordor world but also add exciting new items and monsters.
    The game will include monsters and items which you already know from Mordor: The Depths Of Dejenol to provide a link back to the game we all love. However, for the joy of discovery, there will also be new monsters and items added to the game.
  • Provide art for both monsters and items
    In Mordor you already have the ability to see pictures of monsters in the dungeon, library, companion window and the confinement.
    In Mordor XP you will also have the ability to see item pictures in the general store, inventory and library.
  • Items and monsters are not only visibly represented but are also accompanied by a nice description.
  • Add a story to the game, but in such a way that it doesn't take away from the pure dungeon hack.
    In order to provide an exciting single player game there will be a storyline which holds the different dungeon levels, monsters and items together.

Current state of the project

The program itself is in alpha state, a lot of bugs are still present, but they are being tackled one by one.

Release Date

We will never mention a public estimated time of arrival, the game will be done when it's done. user posted image

Interested in joining the project?

We are always looking for talented people to join our quest, check the Mordor XP Recruiting page for details!

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