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Mordor 2: Guild Quests

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Level Quest Reward Description
8 Kill 1 Orc 50,000 gold In order to prove your abilities to the guild, you must seek out and kill one Orc. In completing this task, you will receive a bonus of 50,000 gold pieces.
20 Return Journeyman's Key Nothing Since you are becoming more familiar with the depths below, we require you to find an item called the "Journeyman's Key", which is located somewhere in level one in the old place called the "Barracks". Good Luck
32 Kill 1 Twisted Dwarf 1 Tome of Endurace The guild acknowledges your improvement and wishes to test your ability by sending you into the depths below to annihilate one Twisted Dwarf. In return we will give you one Tome of Endurance.
40 Return 1 Feather Leather Armor 1 Scarab of Protection Our guild is in need of Feather Leather Armor for research purposes and you have been chosen for this task. For completing this quest you will receive a Scarab of Protection.
51 Kill 1 Scyllama 1 tamed Red Dragon Congratulations on recent accomplishments a person of your skill should have no trouble defeating a Scyllama. Your reward shall be one tamed Red Dragon.
64 Return 1 Wyvern 1 Bladed Shield
75 Return 1 Aard of Being 1 tamed Goblin Shaman
88 Kill 1 Purple Ooze 10,000,000 gold
100 Return 1 Air Elemental 1 Adamantite Chain Mail

Level Quest Reward Description
6 Kill 1 Giant Owl 1 Iron Sword As a simple initiation into the world of Warriors we ask you kill one Giant Owl. Completion of this quest shall earn you one Iron Sword.
18 Kill 1 Hiksae 75,000 gold The warriors guild has chosen you to travel below and slice a Hiksae a new asshole just for the hell of it. Reward shall be given in the form of 75,000 gold.
30 Kill 1 Namana 1 Cutlass It is rumored that this asshole Namana has been seen in the depths below. This thing is just a pain in the guild's ass and it seems that we just can't get rid of them all. Go and collect a few of their skulls and maybe it will persuade them to go away. Destroy a few of these guys and you will earn one Cutlass.
45 Kill 1 Slave Driver 1 Gloves of Strength Being the bad ass warrior that you are go into the caverns and KICK THE PISS out of a Slave Driver. On numerous occasions he and his friends have taunted members of our guild and now it's time for some pay back. We will give you the Gloves of Strength upon hearing of one of their deaths.
56 Return 1 Statue of Ge'tuk 1 Aard of Being We have noticed that several small statues of our founder are missing. Find at least one of them and return it to us. And if you see the punk that took it put a few new holes in his face. In return we shall give you one Aard of Being.
62 Kill 1 Goblin Lord 7,000,000 gold We here at the Warrior's guild have had many problems with Goblin Guards go and kick their ass in front of all their peers and make an example of them to show that we don't take any crap around here. Your prize shall be 7,000,000 gold.
75 Return 1 Black Chain Mail 1 tamed Dungeon Pirate Researchers for our guild have requested Black Chain Mail. Previous attempts to research it's curse have failed and another suit of mail is needed. Reward given for this quest will be one tamed Dungeon Pirate.
84 Kill 1 Dwarven Lord 1 Conquerer Seeing as you have done as well as you have we ask that you do our guild proud by returning to us the Dwarven Lords head on a platter. Please rid the underground of this fiend. Kill the Dwarven Lord. After hearing the Dwarven Lord's final scream before you rip his throat out. You will be rewarded with one Conquerer.
100 Kill 1 Flame Dragon 1 tamed Golin Lord Excellent work on attaining this level of skill. Each of our members is asked to complete a task before achieving the level of 100. Return here with a Flame Dragon. We have a special gift for you if you complete this task. We will offer you one tamed Goblin Lord to do with as you wish. (note: all you have to do is kill the dragon, not return with it).

Level Quest Reward Description
9 Kill 1 Skeleton 1 Bronze Plate Armor Welcome Holy Warrior your first test in our glorious guild will be to kill the vile skeleton. Reward will be Bronze Plate Armor.
21 Kill 1 Twisted Dwarf 200,000 gold The Twisted Dwarf has been seen defiling the front of our guild. Rid the world of this foul being and we will give you 200,000 gold.
32 Return 1 Tome of Detachment 1 Potion of Leadership We at the guild are in need of someone to retrieve a Tome of Detachment. Several guild members have been afflicted by cursed items and our lower guild members have asked that an honorable person such as yourself aid them in their need. Upon it's return you will be given one Potion of Leadership.
44 Return 1 Cross of Redemption 1 Crystal Sword Return to us with the Cross of Redemption. We must destroy this cursed cross as it is an abolishment to all that is pure. Your righteous deed will earn you one Crystal Sword.
51 Return 1 Red Dragon 6,000,000 gold It has come to our attention that on numerous occasions Red Dragon's have been killing innocent civilians of the town. We ask that you return one of them to us for a show of Public execution in hopes that it will stop this barbaric incident from taking any more lives. The townsfolk have formed a group to gather money for anyone who can bring these creatures back for execution. 6,000,000 gold is offered to you for the return of one.
62 Return 1 Holy Beads 1 Aard of Being We are in need of you to recover the Holy Beads. They are a great source of Power for our guild and we believe they have been stolen. It is very important for us to have them back in our possession. Upon their return we will grant you one Aard of Being.
77 Kill 1 Kaelmeon 1 Cloak of Invisibility We we're informed that a Kaelmeon is roaming the corridors below. This cursed demon must me found and killed. Others before you have killed many of them and soon with your help we may be able to stop their breeding. Kill the Kaelmeon and we will give you one Cloak of Invisibility.
89 Kill 1 Dungeon Pirate 1 tamed Scyllama Many of our townsfolk have been talking about a band of Dungeon Pirates wreaking havoc at night around the city. They have asked us to defeat them and we are bestowing upon you this quest. Upon word of their death you shall be rewarded one tamed Scyllama.
100 Return 1 Wraith 1 Paladin's Helm Congratulations on this outstanding feat. It is not often we have the honor of having a noble warrior such as yourself attain such status in our guild. But of the ones that do reach this feat we ask that they complete this quest to prove themselves worthy of this distinction. Find and return to us one Wraith. Be warned the Wraith can be a very dangerous creature even for one as graciously powerful as yourself. Completion will earn you a Paladin's Helm.

Level Quest Reward Description
5 Kill 1 Footpad 1 Iron Dagger Your initiation into this guild begins with this quest. Find and kill one Footpad. Upon your return we will give you one Iron Dagger.
19 Kill 1 Gredlan Rogue 75,000 gold Spies have reported seeing Gredlan Rogues conferring with others about our guild. Kill these rogues and return back here. Reward shall be 75,000 gold.
29 Return 1 Explorer's Guild Floor Plans 1 Aard of being We have a trader amongst our ranks. He has stolen our plans to infiltrate the Explorers Guild. It was reported that he was killed by a monster before he made it to the Explorers guild with the plans. And that they are now laying somewhere in the depths below. Find these plans before the Explorers guild does. This is not the first time this has happened and we have bee lucky so far that the traders have been very incompetent. Your reward shall be one Aard of being.
40 Return 1 Disciple 2,000,000 gold We here at the Ninja's guild often take jobs for other guilds who lack the skill to accomplish certain tasks. One of these guilds is the Mages guild. These fumbling Magic throwers pay us well for each Disciple we return to them. Bring us back a Disciple and we will share this wealth with you in the form of 2,000,000 gold.
48 Kill 1 Slave Masher Nothing: Blood of Ages does not exist in game. It seems the lowly Journeyman's guild is in need of our services. It seems their members are having problems with some Slave Mashers and they are asking us to kill as many of them as we can. I am sure you will have no trouble completing this simple task. They are offering Blood of Ages.
60 Return 1 Te-waza of Self infliction 1 Boots of Evading It seems that the Thief's guild has found some unique Te-waza's lately. We are asking our guild members to each bring back a Te-waza of Self infliction. We will then infiltrate the Thief's guild and switch them with the ones they have. And perhaps later we can pass them on to you and the others. For now we will give you Boots of Evading.
75 Return 1 Morgul 10,000,000 gold Well it seems the goodie goodie Paladins could use a hand and guess who they came to. You got it, US. Seems they are looking for some Morguls for some experiment of theirs. The good news is they are offering us quite a sum of gold. Return here with a Morgul and you'll get 10,000,000 gold for yourself.
88 Return 1 Aard of Being 1 tamed Silver Dragon It would seem that we have run low of certain needs here at the guild. Our stock of Aards of Being has begun to dwindle to almost nothing. We ask that you help replenish this supply by bringing us back some. Return to us an Aard of Being and we will give you a Silver Dragon as a new pet.
100 Return 1 Ravager 1 Te-Waza of Demise You have done well in our dojo few have seen the level of skill you are now at. We at the guild ask that you complete one final task before becoming the newest member of this elite group of people. Find and return to us the sword called Ravager. Upon bringing it to us we will give you a Te-Waza of Demise.

Level Quest Reward Description
5 Kill 1 Slave 25,000 gold So you think you're a bad guy eh? You are a pathetic piece of shit! And we couldn't give a shit if you were in our elite guild or not. But we will give you a chance to prove yourself to us. This should be an easy task even for a weak bitch like you. Go kill a slave. Thats right just rip it's damn head off and come back here. If you should complete this most difficult of tasks we might decide to reward you with 25,000 gold, or we might not.
18 Return 1 Tome of Agility 1 Dagger of Stealth Still hanging around our guild. Maybe you should go back and sit with Mommy for a while before you hurt yourself. But if you think you have the balls then try out this quest. Go find a Tome of Agility. I don't care where you get it just get it. Steal it from your best friend if you want just give it to ME when you get it. I think I have a spare Dagger of Stealth laying around here. Then again maybe I don't.
27 Kill 1 Psuedo-Dragon 1 Elixer of Restoration I guess you are beginning to like it here. Too bad the feeling ain't mutual. Why don't you take your skinny ass down below and bring me back some food. I thought about your sister but if she's got any relation to you I don't want it. I think I'll have some roast Psuedo-Dragon and I think you'll be bringing me one. As a matter of fact I know you will. After you return it and after I finish eating I'll give you this Elixir of Restoration.
40 Return 1 Paladin's Guild Blue Prints 6,000,000 gold Since I can't seem to get you to leave this guild I guess I'll just make some use of you. Those bitch Paladins have been planning some attack on our guild. They think we don't know about it but I've got spies on the inside. Apparently they hide the blue prints to their guild somewhere down below because they don't think anyone can find them there. That just shows the type of asinine idiots that watch over the Paladins guild. I'm picking you to get me the newest version of these blue prints. This way if I hear of their attack I can infiltrate their guild. And take one of their precious wives as bounty. I am actually putting some although very little trust in you. Fail me here and I'll make you good friends with the wrong end of Dragon. If you somehow succeed then I'll give you 6,000,000 gold then maybe you can get laid and wipe that dumb grin off your face.
52 Return 1 Slave Masher 1 Black Cloak Although I still don't like you I am starting to see the evil twinkle in your eye. Maybe I can use you here after all. Let's find out. Slave Masher has some new info for me. I want you to go and find him and bring him back to me. After I get my info you'll get a Black Cloak.
65 Return 1 Steel Shield 1 Steel Shield Worthless, no good, piece of shit, asshole, bastard, dickhead, shitface. These are just a few of the names I call you on a regular basis and I wanted you to know that. I feel like giving you a quest now. I also feel like killing your mom for giving birth to you but that can wait till later. Go find me a new Steel Shield. The one I have now is dirty. Bring me a Steel Shield and I'll give you my old one. Now I know what you are saying and personally I don't give a shit whether you like it or not. Just remember who is in charge here.
79 Return 1 Dwarven Guard 1 Ring of Death Ok skumbag it's quest time again. Let's see what I have for you to do this time. Hmm. It would seem today is the day I get information from the Dwarven Guards. Bring them back to me at your earliest convenience. That means NOW! Upon their return I'll give you the Ring of Death because I'm such a nice guy.
91 Kill 1 Cutpurse 1 tamed Villain Ok bitch time for some work. We've had some problems with a certain group of Cutpurses I want these dirtbags eliminated and I want you to do it. Rip the hearts out of these cocksuckers chests. I've sent some others in the past but these assholes just don't learn. Maybe you can do something right for a change and finish what some others couldn't. I'll give ya a fellow Villain if you complete this one.
100 Return 1 Tengu 1 Dagger of She'tal I'm not gonna sit here and congradulate you like some other guilds would for getting to this point. The way I see it you sucked before you suck now and you will suck in the future. I never did like you I never will like you because I don't like anyone so you can kiss my fat ass. I will however be testing you to see if you are even worthy of of being where you are now. I want you to bring me a Tengu. They aren't seen around very often because they are a bunch of Pussies. But I like how they taste on my dinner plate. IF and I do mean IF you can bring one back here I'll give you this Dagger of She'tal.

Level Quest Reward Description
8 Return 1 Iron Dagger 75,000 gold Your first quest should be relatively simple. Travel below and bring back an Iron Dagger. It is just a simple test to see how well you fit in with our Exploratory needs. Returning the Iron Dagger will earn you 75,000 gold.
17 Return 1 Glowing Rock 1 Dust of Locating I see you are progressing in our guild there is much to be learned from us in the ways of exploration. Your next quest will be to bring us a Glowing Rock. Some of our other members believe it could prove to be useful to us. Upon turning in the Glowing Rock to us you will receive Dust of Locating.
31 Return 1 Pseudo-Dragon 1 Steel Plate Armor We have run low on food here at the guild due to the amount of expeditions lately. We would like you to return a Pseudo-Dragon to us. That should hold the entire guild over for a few days. We'll give you Steel Plate Armor for bringing us the Pseudo Dragon.
42 Return 1 Potion of Youth 1 Steel Mace You have been doing exceptionally well in your quests recently and for that reason we would like to ask you to complete this next mission for us. Return to us a Potion of Youth. Some of our more experienced explorers have been searching for a fountain which is said to give youth back to a person and having some of these Potions might help them in locating it's whereabouts. We will give you a Steel Mace upon the return of one.
56 Kill 1 Horda Giant 1 Amulet of Flames A group of Horda Giants have been known to terrorize some of our guild members on some expeditions. Go and rid the underground of these smelly bastards. Upon your return we'll supply you with an Amulet of Flames.
64 Return 1 Giant Badger 5,000,000 gold We need you to bring us back a Giant Badger. We have found them to be very useful as Companions for some of our newer members. We will give 5,000,000 gold upon returning one to us.
76 Return 1 Scolls of the Ancients 1 Steel Plate Armor It seems the long rumored Scrolls of Ancients exists. Reliable sources have reported to us that this is true. There are said to be many scrolls that were created 3,000 years ago and contain the secrets to our existence. Go and find what you can of these scrolls and return them to us. Perhaps one day we will have them all and have a better understanding of why we are here. Upon the return of the Scrolls of the Ancients we will give you a Steel Plate Armor.
88 Return 1 Dalyn's Grin 1 Sphere of Dislocation You have become quite the explorer. Your skill has not gone unnoticed here and we'd now like to ask you to return to us Dalyn's Grin. Reward for this quest will be Sphere of Dislocation.
100 Return 1 Thief's Gloves 1 Ethereal Helm This is quite an outstanding feat. Few people have made it as far as you have here and I believe this is only the beginning. But before you achieve this goal we have one last quest for you to complete. Bring back a pair of Thief's Gloves. For completing this task we will give you an Ethereal Helm.

Level Quest Reward Description
7 Kill 1 Orc 1 Padded Leather Armor The shadows are a mysterious place. To be a thief is to live in the shadows. A successful thief has unlimited possibilities, an unsuccessful thief has a lifetime of nothing. In other words if you want to be a thief don't get caught because we won't save your ass. Your first test is s imple one to see how well you can fight if you get into trouble. Go and kill an Orc. Upon return we'll give you Padded Leather Armor
20 Return 1 Nugena Glove 1 Salve of Health Your second test in our guild of secrecy will test your abilities to find resources to use while you are in the caverns below. Bring back a pair of Nugena Gloves. Completion of this test will get you a Salve of Health.
35 Kill 1 Cutthroat 4,000,000 gold A band of Cutthroats have been screwing us over on our some previous missions by taking off with our loot. They think we haven't noticed the sacks being a bit light when they are finally turned in. I want you to find these guys and teach them a lesson about who they should NOT be stealing from. Go out there and kill off a few of them and they should become paranoid enough to make them think twice about doing it again. When you come back we'll give you 4,000,000 gold.
49 Kill 1 Skuldragl 1 Thief Sword We have finished your testing here and have been pleased with your results. You completed your previous tasks here with ease and we now ask that you help us in other ways. It seems one of the Skuldragl have turned against us. Find this asshole and kill him as he does know much about us and we cannot risk having him leak any information about us. We will have to accept whatever damage may have already been done. Upon hearing of his death we are prepared to give you a Thief Sword.
55 Return 1 Scavenger 1 Aard of Being Recently we sent some Scavengers out to scope out a few areas for our next target but we have not heard back from them in some time and we'd like you to see if you can find them and bring them back here. If you can return with one of the Scavengers I will give you an Aard of Being.
66 Return 1 Theif's Chest 8,000,000 gold You have proven yourself a worthy member of this guild. We will now test your trusworthiness. As it may not be important for you to trust people outside our guild we do require that you trust your fellow guild members and that they in turn can trust you as right now this is the only family you have. In the depths below we have placed a chest this chest is locked and you are not to know what is in it. You are to find this chest and return it to us. If when returned it is found to be how it was left we will give you something to be named later.
79 Kill 1 Cutthroat 1 Cloak of Invisibility A band of Cutthroats have been screwing us over on our some previous missions by taking off with our loot. They think we haven't noticed the sacks being a bit light when they are finally turned in. I want you to find these guys and teach them a lesson about who they should NOT be stealing from. Go out there and kill off a few of them and they should become paranoid enough to make them think twice about doing it again. When you come back we'll give you 4,000,000 gold.
91 Kill 1 Slayer 1 tamed Burgler Problems problems problems. I tell ya this guild can really be a pain in the ass sometimes. This one has been building up for sometime. There are a group of Slayers below that seem to think they are the new law around here and have been attacking some of our other guild members. We want you to go down and kill a few of them in retaliation for their actions. Come back here ASAP with news of your victory and we have a fellow Burgler to help you out.
100 Return 1 Amulet of Flames 1 Poison Dagger Seems you have become quite a valuable member here. I'd like to say that it's not often we see someone of your likes here. It takes a very determined person to get this far and still be alive. I must ask that you complete a test to see if you are truly as good as you think you are. You are to go and find an Amulet of Flames. Upon completion you'll receive one Poison Dagger.

Level Quest Reward Description
6 Kill 1 Kobold 1 Iron Battle Axe Lemme explain to you something. This is not a guild for wimps. If you like to beat the living shit out of someone then you are in the right place. If you like to be intellectual and talk yourself out of a fight then get the hell out right now. We don't take ANY shit here. Now that that's done I got a job for you. Get your ass out there and split open the head of a Kobold. After you're done get your ass back here and I'll give you an Iron Battle Axe.
15 Kill 1 Gredlan Rogue 175,000 gold You ain't too bad lets see how well you handle this next quest. Go kick the shit out of a Gredlan Rogue. Come back here after you've killed one and I'll give ya 175,000 gold.
29 Kill 1 Outcast Goblin 1 Tome of Might Seems some shithead Outcast Goblin's have taken it upon themselves to mess with us. I'm leaving it to you to take care of this one. Go kick their ass and show them that the Barbarians are the wrong people to be messing with. I have a Tome of Might waiting for you when you get back.
42 Return 1 Azzure Giant Badger's Skull 1 Steel Helmet I'd like you give you a special quest. All Barbarians savor their kills you are to learn this as well. I want you to find a lair of Giant Badgers and return to me one of their skulls. This is a very special quest for all members of this guild. Bring me back the Skull of a Giant Badger and I will give you a Steel Helmet.
55 Kill 1 Norn 1 Ring of Opening Now that you are accustomed to our ways I'd like you to continue on your killing ways. Go beat the shit out of a Norn just for the thrill of it. Be sure to stick your hand in it's chest and feel it's heart stop beating. Return here when you are finished savoring your kill and you'll receive a Ring of Opening.
67 Kill 1 Giant Raven 6,000,000 gold All right killer ready to taste more blood? Feel like ripping some poor bastards head off? Yeah I thought so. Why not take out some frustration on a Giant Raven. After you roast it up you can come on back here and pick up your prize which is 6,000,000 gold.
80 Kill 1 Shape Shifter 1 tamed Mercenary Shhhh Can you smell that? it's the smell of death. It's a smell that you are beginning to like I can see. There is not much that can give more pleasure to a Barbarian than to know you have just rewritten someone's destiny. I would like you to continue your killing spree and rip the spine from an Shape Shifter. This time your prize will be a Mercenary to help you in your killing ways.
92 Kill 1 Element Mage 1 Gauntlets of Might I can see the immense fire lit in your eyes. You quest for blood is getting greater every day and I am sure it will continue. Seek out a Element Mage and Feed him his own innards. I got a pair of Gauntlets of Might for you when you get back.
100 Unknown Axe of Infliction My fellow brother this is a big step in your life. You have killed without mercy countless times and have been rewarded with a fury that can vanquish without guilt. I now ask that you find and kill a Giant Leech as proof of your dedication to our guild. When you come back from this quest you shall receive an Axe of Infliction.

Level Quest Reward Description
7 Kill 1 Margoyle 1 Scroll of Control Welcome young student I hope that your being here can be mutually beneficial. I will be sending you on a number of quests as you continue to rise in our guild. The first of which will be to kill a Margoyle. Upon completion of this simple quest I will grant you a Scroll of Control.
17 Return 1 Sacred Scroll of the Magi Padded Leather Cap This next quest will have more meaning to our guild. We have been competing with the Wizards Guild for some time now and I will now ask you to find and return a Sacred Scroll which has been passing between our 2 guilds for ages. We have learned that it is once again in the depths below and I'd like you to get it before they do. I'll give you a Padded Leather Cap if you are successful.
30 Return 1 Twisted Dwar 1 Lodestone You are doing an excellent job thus far. Let's continue your testing by having you return a Twisted Dwarf. You'll receive a Lodestone upon return.
42 Return 1 Dungeon Bear 3,000,000 gold A lot of our spells deal in binding monsters and we will test your ability to do this quite often. The first of these will be to return to us with a Dungeon Bear. Your reward will be a 3,000,000.
50 Return 1 Namana 1 Rod of Healing I'd like to congradulate you on your returning the Sacred Scroll to us a while back. You are becoming a very important part of our guild and I will now continue to test your skills. Bring back a Namana. The Namana can be a difficult creature to find and capture. Upon it's return I have a Rod of Healing for you.
63 Kill 1 Rashart 1 Staff of Electrocution Getting to this point you have become quite familiar with your spells. I'd like you to find and kill a Rashart. With your skill this should prove to be relatively simple. I'll reward you with a Staff of Electrocution.
78 Return 1 Aard of Being 9,000,000 gold Now that you have become a vital part of this guild I'd like you to help us in making the guild better. Some of our younger members are not as talented as some others and need a bit more help in becoming a great mage. If you can return an Aard of being for us to give to them we will give you 9,000,000 gold.
87 Kill 1 Goblin Lord 1 tamed Illusionist (I think this reward is bugged) Our guild has had some confrontations with the Goblin Lord. He's been known to harass some of our fellow members and I want you to silence him. The guild will reward you with an Illusionist to aid you in your endeavors.
100 Return 1 Black Eel 1 Cuirboulli Armor This is a great achievement for you. I see you doing very well in the future. But before you continue on fulfilling your destiny I will give you this test. Bring us back a Black Eel. If you should complete this quest I shall reward you with this Cuirboulli Armor.

Level Quest Reward Description
7 Kill 1 Floor Slime 1 Oak Staff You have chosen wisely by becoming a member of our guild of healing. We here specialize in the Healing arts while being very deadly when need be. We will be teaching you some of these finer points during your training here. And we will start by asking you to defeat a Floor Slime. When you are done return here for your Oak Staff.
17 Return 1 Slave 1 Crystal of Mysticism It's been known for sometime that the Slaves have been treated very poorly. I'd like you to return them to us that they may be saved from the hell they are now living. I will grant you one Crystal of Mysticism for their return.
30 Return 1 Holy Cross of Enlightenment 1 Potion of Insight We are in dire need of your assistance. The Villains Guild has stolen our Holy Cross of Enlightenment. This is not the first time it's been done and they only do it to mock us. They usually just hide it in the caverns below. If you could bring it back to us it would be greatly appreciated. The Cross offers us serenity in our guild. and the Villains shall burn in hell for their crimes against us. You will receive a Potion of Insight upon return of the Cross.
42 Kill 1 Large Orc 2,500,000 gold It's been brought to our attention that a band of Large Orcs have been terrorizing the townsfolk and stealing crops and animals from the local farms. We have been asked to stop these acts of theivery. Please go below and kill them before they can cause more damage. Your reward will be 2,500,000 gold.
50 Kill 1 Centaur 1 tamed Champion Another group of people have approached our guild telling us of monsters from below coming up into town and terrorizing them. This time it's the Centaurs. Apparently they have been entering homes at night and stealing children and taking them into the depths below. This dreadful act must be stopped and hopefully the children will be found alive. Please go and kill these Centaurs and stop these kidnappings. When you return from completing this quest fro justice I will give you a Champion to aid you in the future.
63 Return 1 Red Dragon 1 Sphere of Dislocation One of our fellow guild members returned from a recent quest and told us of an injured Red Dragon which was beyond his skill. If you could find this dragon and return him here we will be able to heal his wounds and he could help us in the future. Return the Red Dragon here and I'll give you a Sphere of Dislocation.
78 Return 1 Dust of Life 8,000,000 gold Some of the other guilds come to us for supplies in the healing arts at times. And as of late many of them have been requesting the Dust of Life to raise their dead members. Because of this we have run dangerously low and I'd like you to bring us back some to help replenish the supply. 8,000,000 gold is your upon return of the Dust of Life.
87 Return 1 Silver Cross 1 tamed Drey Dragon Your next quest for our guild is to recover a Silver Cross. Some of our less talented Healers can use them to make their journeys easier. Completion of this task will earn you a Drey Dragon. The Red Dragon we saved earlier became an ally of ours and that is why we are able to offer you this Dragon as a companion.
100 Return 1 White Cloak 1 Cross of Domination You are doing very well as a member of this institution. But as well as you are doing now it is only the beginning of a very long journey that you might not live through. We will do our best to guide you in the proper direction but as we cannot walk this journey with you, we will be with you in spirit. At this time I would like to give you one more quest before you proceed. I'd like you to bring me a White Cloak. I shall give you a Cross of Domination upon your return.

Level Quest Reward Description
5 Kill 1 I'ssus 1 Brown Cloak Welcome my young apprentice. Sorcery is unlike any other magic. We can actually cause others to see what is not really there. Some call us illusionists, they do not even begin to understand what we are actually capable of throughout your training with us I will be sending you on numerous quests to test your abilities and find out how we can benefit each other. The first of these quests will be to kill an I'ssus. This simple quest will bring you a Brown Cloak upon it's completion.
16 Return 1 Scroll of Mallart 1 Tome of Learning Well done my student. Do not allow anything or anyone to stand in the way of your goals. We teach the members of our magnificent guild to overcome their adversity and to destroy those who try to stop them from accomplishing whatever it is they want to do. I will be expecting the same from you. I'd like you go find and return to me a Scroll of Mallart. There will be a Tome of Learning waiting for you when you get back.
29 Kill 1 Razor Boar 2,000,000 gold Your next quest for us will be to kill a Razor Boar. Return to me when you are done and you'll receive 2,000,000 gold.
43 Return 1 Remains of Patrak 1 Amulet of Flames I'd like to tell you of a rumor that has been circling the city for quite some time now. A long time ago there was a powerful Sorcerer. He was a part of our guild but always kept to himself and never bothered talking to anyone unless he absolutely had to. He disappeared about 15 years ago and was never heard from again. About 3 years ago an unconfirmed rumor began circulating that he had been killed. I'd like you to find me his remains that he can be given a proper burial at our guild. Even though he was a loner I feel he was a valuable part of our guild and should be enshrined here for all to remember. His name was Patrak. Please try and find at least some of his remains and return them to us. we have no idea as to how he died so this could be a very long process in getting all of his remains back yo us. I will give you one Amulet of Flames for whatever you can return.
56 Return 1 Elf> 1 Ring of Protection For some time now we and the pathetic Wizards have been in a power struggle. I'd like you to help us turn the tables in our favor. Find me an Elf and return him here we have been friends with the Elves for a long time and they will be able to help us in becoming more powerful than we currently are and then perhaps we will be one step ahead of the wizards. After you bring me and Elf I will give you a Ring of Protection.
70 Kill 1 Scyllama 1 Staff of Striking Scyllama's have been seen attacking guild members at night and I think the wizards guild is responsible. I want you to kill any Scyllamas you see. And return to me when you are done for your reward of one Staff of Striking.
81 Kill 1 Dwarven Guard 10,000,000 gold Your skills are required once again. This time it is to combat the attacks we have been receiving on a daily basis from the Dwarven Guards. I have sent most other guild members on other quests and I need you to complete this one for me. After you have killed them return to me. I have 10,000,000 gold for you when you get back.
92 Return 1 Giant Slug 1 tamed Cyclops Some of our Potion makers are requiring the parts from certain monsters as they have run low during the rough times as of late. Find and capture a Giant Slug and return it back here to us. This quest will earn you a Cyclops to fight beside you.
100 Return 1 Nakovant 1 Rod of Ultimate Power Excellent work. You have been one of my best students. I do have one last quest for you before you make this great achievement. I'd like you to return a Nakovant to me. If you should manage to do this I will give you a Rod of Ultimate Power.

Level Quest Reward Description
7 Kill 1 Giant Centipede 30,000 gold Wizards are magic users in the purest sense. We do not fool people with Illusions and we do not need to charm a monster to have it fight with us. We use our spells to annihilate the enemy. No tricks just death. I will be show you the ways of the Wizard and you will learn why we are superior to the other magical guilds. I want you to go and kill a Giant Centipede. There will be 30,000 gold waiting for you when you get back.
23 Return 1 Sacred Scroll of Wizardry 1 Lodestone From time to time we have fought with some of the other guilds. Usually the other magic guilds because of their inferiority to us. One such guild is the Mage's guild they have taken it upon themselves time and time again to get the Sacred Scroll. It never stays in either of our guilds for longer than a year before it is discovered to be missing again. I'd like you to find the Sacred scroll before they do and bring it back to us. Success will earn you a Lodestone to fight along side of you.
32 Return 1 Pandrun 1 Aard of Being As a Wizard you must also be resourceful. Nothing is every given to you. You must always do something to earn it. The sooner you learn this the better. Return here with a Pandrun. They are very good if cooked just right. Our chef will prepare it after you have returned with one. Your reward for this deed will be one Aard of Being.
42 Kill 1 Gredlan Rogues 1 tame Falcon Wolf A wizard must always be aware of his surroundings. The depths can be very dangerous and you can't very well kill what you do not know is there. Gredlan Rogues are very good at being sneaky. Why don't you find and kill one of them to test yourself. When you return you'll receive a Falcon Wolf.
55 Return 1 Warrior Spirit 6,000,000 gold You are doing extremely well for us and are becoming quite a powerful Wizard in the process. I'd like your training to continue now by having you seek out a Warrior Spirit and returning it back here. I have 6,000,000 gold for you when you complete this quest.
68 Kill 1 Elf 1 Rod of Darkness The foolish Sorcerers Guild thinks they can become more powerful than us with the help of the Elves. I want you to show them just how strong the Elves really are by crushing them. After you feel you have killed enough Elves to prove our point come back here for your reward, a Rod of Darkness.
79 Return 1 Salve of Health 1 Magician's Cap Our guild has recently gotten into a fight with the Villains guild and have run low on some needed supplies. Return to me with the Salve of Health. Your reward will be a Magician's Cap.
90 Return 1 Ball and Chain 12,000,000 gold We have been capturing many more monsters as of late for the creation of new potions but we are running out of room for them. I'd like you to take the job of returning a Ball and Chain. I know this is a cursed item but I will reward you will 12,000,000 gold upon returning one to me.
100 Kill 1 Purple Ooze 1 Sphere of Rulership Congratulations Grand Wizard. You have matured well within our fine guild and we shall celebrate this glorious occasion if you can complete this final test. Kill a Purple Ooze. Be very careful when fighting these vile creatures as they can disintegrate your equipment. If you can finish this task we will celebrate and I will give you one Sphere of Rulership.

See the Special Quest Items page to find the whereabouts of unusual quest items.

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