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Automap data is stored in a series of records, each of which are 10 bytes long. The file structure is as follows:

 Version    : VBString
 DeepestLevelExplored       : 2 bytes
 LEVEL DATA (repeated 15x30x30 times)
 FieldBitmask      : 4 bytes 

Field Bitmask Values

The bits in the bit mask correspond to the bits in the map file with the addition of an explored bit to mark the square black instead of grey. Note that some of the bits set in the map file may be clear here if your character has low perception.

 Decimal    Feature
 1          Wall (east)
 2          Wall (north)
 4          Door (east)
 8          Door (north)
 16         Secret door (east)
 32         Secret door (north)
 64         Face north
 128        Face east
 256        Face south
 512        Face west
 1024       Extinguisher
 2048       Pit
 4096       Stairs up
 8192       Stairs down
 16384      Teleporter
 32768      Water
 65536      Quicksand
 131072     Rotator
 262144     Antimagic
 524288     Rock
 1048576    Fog
 2097152    Chute
 4194304    Stud
 8388608    Explored

Example: a field bitmask of 263186 would give an antimagic field containing an extinguisher with a normal wall to the north and a secret wall to the east (2 + 16 + 1024 + 262144).
Note: these values are stored as a regular 32-bit integers unlike in MDATA11 where they are stored as VB6 Currency type.

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