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The MDATA14 file (full filename MDATA14.MDR) contains the information for the Hall of Records names and statistics, and is located in the DATA folder of the Mordor installation.

This file does not exist in a fresh installation of Mordor; it is generated the first time the game is run.

If the file is ever deleted, it will be regenerated again (with the default values). These values and information are pulled from the main game file. (MORDOR.EXE)



This file assumes the in-game Records reads like a physical book in English: left column (top to bottom), followed by right column (top to bottom). Thus, the order of the Records in this file is as follows:

Most Attractive
Deadliest Creature Defeated
Most Experienced Explorer
Wealthiest Explorer
Master of Fighting
Master of Magic
Master of Thieving

Record Stat

The format of the record statistic (for example, Strength) is:

  • 8 bytes long padded with zeroes (00)
  • Formatted as the actual value multiplied by 10000 (ten thousand)
  • Then converted to Hexidecimal format, in reverse byte order.

So for 14 Strength: (or any other stat)

14 * 10000 = 140000
140000 to Hexidecimal = 02 22 E0
02 22 E0 in reverse byte order = E0 22 02
Padded with zeroes becomes E022020000000000 and this is how it appears in MDATA14.MDR

Recordholder Name

Character Names for each entry allow up to 30 bytes, padded with the "Space" ASCII code (20).


The character named "Sduibek" in hexidecimal is 53 64 75 69 62 65 6B. So this would appear in the file as 5364756962656B2020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020

Date Achieved

This section is used to calculate the "number of days ago" at which the Record was achieved. It's not reported in-game. The format is as follows:

  • 7 bytes long, padded with zeroes (00)
  • The number of days since Jan 1st 1900.
  • Add 2 to this number. Presumably this is to represent inclusion of the start date (01/01/1900) and end date (current day).
  • Convert to hexadecimal, in reverse byte order.

For a record achieved on 04/18/2015:

This date is 42110 (forty-two thousand, one hundred and ten) days after 01/01/1900
Adding 2 gives us 42112
42112 in hexadecimal is A4 80
This is put into reverse order and stored in the file as 80A40000000000

  • Date Achieved fields are blank (all zeroes) in the originally-generated file.
  • Date Achieved fields stay blank until overwritten by a new Recordholder.
  • Date Achieved data for Records is not shown anywhere in-game.

Trailing Entry

The final entry is for a Recordholder named "Nothing". Presumably this entry is not used in the game. It is not known the purpose or intent of this entry.

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