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Mdata12.mdr Data File Format

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The MDATA12 file (full filename MDATA12.MDR) contains the party order information for player characters, and is located in the DATA folder of the Mordor installation.

This file does not exist in a fresh installation of Mordor; it is generated the first time the game is run.

List Size

Number of party entries (e.g. "05" if there's 5 separate party configurations saved) padded by 34 null bytes ("00" thirty-four times)

Party Names

The first byte in each entry is the number of letters in the character's name. For example for a character named "Sduibek", this byte's value would be "07".

That byte is followed by one null byte ("00") to separate it from the actual player name.

Next is the player name, which is 33 bytes long, padded with zeroes.


Null character count

For some entries, the first byte specifying the number of letters in the character's name is null (00). It is not known why this happens or what is the purpose of it.

Large strings of null bytes

Presumably, large empty areas in this file happens because the file is hard-coded to allow space for 4-player-character parties. Thus if the party order of a 2-player-character party was saved, it may be preceded or followed by empty areas that would have contained the 35 bytes of each of the other member(s') entries.

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