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Location Spells

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Created by the Mage's guild for failed attempts at movement, spells of this nature are able to locate other specified characters or objects, and aid the caster in orientation when lost.

Set Sanctuary
Base Level: 1     Guilds: Nom, War, Pal, Nin, Vil, See, Thi, Sca, Mag, Sor, Wiz, Hea
Required Stats: None
NON_COMBAT Spell, will set the «Sanctuary» return location.
Casting this spell will set the caster's «Sanctuary» location. This means that when the caster casts Sanctuary, he or she will then be returned to the exact location where Set Sanctuary was last cast.

Depth Perception
Base Level: 3     Guilds: See, Mag, Wiz
Required Stats: 13 Int, 13 Wis, 13 Con
NON_COMBAT Spell, informs the caster of what level they are on.
Useful in helping lost explorers 'find themselves'.

Soul Search
Base Level: 6     Guilds: See, Mag, Wiz
Required Stats: 15 Int, 14 Wis, 12 Dex
NON_COMBAT Spell, will seek out and return the location of another character.
This spell allows the caster to search for another character. The caster will receive the offset coordinates, relative to the spell caster, of where the searched soul is (if they are on the same level). If the character being searched for is not on the same level as the caster, an up or down value will be returned.

Find Direction
Base Level: 6     Guilds: See, Mag, Wiz
Required Stats: 14 Int, 14 Wis, 14 Con
NON_COMBAT Spell, informs the caster of what direction they are facing.
Also useful in helping lost explorers 'find themselves'.

Retrieve Soul
Base Level: 14     Guilds: See, Mag
Required Stats: 18 Int, 18 Wis, 16 Con, 18 Dex
NON_COMBAT Spell, removes a character from Rock.
For the times that an unlucky character teleports or walks into solid rock, the only way to retrieve them is with this spell. The caster of the spell must be on the same level that the Rocked character is, or as close as they can get. If the spell is successful, the retrieved character's body will appear at the feet of the caster ready to be carried or resurrected.

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