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Laired Monster Maps

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(New maps including all lairs, not just unique lairs)
(Level 9)
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| style="background-color:#00FFFF"|  Lair:   ||   [[Filcher]]
| style="background-color:#00FFFF"|  Lair:   ||   [[Filcher]]
| style="background-color:#FFFF00"|  Lair:   ||   [[Drakul]]
| style="background-color:#FF8000"|  Lair:   ||   [[Drakul]]
| style="background-color:#FF8000"|  Lair:   ||   [[Vampire]]
| style="background-color:#FF0000"|  Lair:   ||   [[Vampire]]

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Level 1

Level 1 map

  Lair:     Aboleth
  Lair:     Twisted Dwarf
  Lair:     Clean-Up

Level 2

Level 2 map

  Lair:     Arthropod
  Lair:     Veyasu
  Lair:     Slaver
  Lair:     Slave Masher
  Lair:     Slave Driver
  Lair:     Vomitis Goo

Level 3

Level 3 map

  Lair:     Night Dragon
  Lair:     Goblin
  Lair:     Goblin Guard
  Lair:     Goblin Shaman
  Lair:     Goblin Lord
  Lair:     Ice Demon
  Lair:     Scylla
  Lair:     Diseased Muck

Level 4

Level 4 map

  Lair:     Flame Dragon
  Lair:     Element Mage
  Lair:     Large Orc
  Lair:     Dwarven Guard
  Lair:     Dwarven Lord
  Lair:     Walking Corpse (x2)
  Lair:     Giant Ant

Level 5

Level 5 map

  Lair:     Twisted Elf
  Lair:     Poltergeist
  Lair:     Shralar Thief
  Lair:     Cockatrice

Level 6

Level 6 map

  Lair:     Robber
  Lair:     Minotaur
  Lair:     Gladiator
  Lair:     Snake Servant (x2)
  Lair:     Medusa
  Lair:     Black Pelagon
  Lair:     ZBrat

Level 7

Level 7 map

  Lair:     Hooded Thief
  Lair:     Gredlan Footpad
  Lair:     Kei-Shuma
  Lair:     Bushido
  Lair:     Butcher
  Lair:     Warlock
  Lair:     Demonist
  Lair:     Gold Pelagon
  Lair:     Earth Golemn

Level 8

Level 8 map

  Lair:     Illusionist (x2)
  Lair:     Que'ssus
  Lair:     Giant Wasp (x3)
  Lair:     Eidolan Phantasm
  Lair:     Mercenary
  Lair:     Meeshi (x2)

Level 9

Level 9 map

  Lair:     Wretch
  Lair:     Filcher
  Lair:     Drakul
  Lair:     Vampire

Level 10

Level 10 map

  Lair:     Black Yundrun
  Lair:     Defender
  Lair:     Meeshi
  Lair:     Lava Giant
  Lair:     Giant King
  Lair:     Sharper
  Lair:     Holy Warrior

Level 11

Level 11 map

  Lair:     Golden Centaur
  Lair:     White Dragon
  Lair:     Piranha

Level 12

Level 12 map

  Lair:     Harpy
  Lair:     Genie
  Lair:     Arch-Fiend
  Lair:     Shadow Serpent
  Lair:     Mother of Serpents

Level 13

Level 13 map

  Lair:     Silent Eagle
  Lair:     Ogre
  Lair:     Mengu-Ogre
  Lair:     Displacer

Level 14

Level 14 map

  Lair:     Sun Dragon
  Lair:     Shadow of Death
  Lair:     Mage
  Lair:     Fire Lord

Level 15

Level 15 map

  Lair:     Assassin
  Lair:     Obsidian Golemn
  Lair:     Lamurian Mage
  Lair:     Lamurian Lord
  Lair:     Lamurian High Priestess and Destroyer of the Deep

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