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Known Bugs

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0/0 Companions

  • Description: when you are spit on by a clean-up monster, a GOBLIE with 0/0 HP may appear among your companions. You cannot drop it.
  • Possible Cure: raise the monster multiple times at the Morgue, until a raise fails and companion disappears. Alternatively, you can sell it, but it will remain in the confinement.

Companions Spitting Up Companions

  • Description: when you are spit on by a clean-up monster companion, another monster may appear among your companions. This monster may be of any type, may be alive, or dead. Typically the monster appears with 1 HP. Sometimes the monster is quite powerful.
  • Possible Cure: get rid of the clean-up monster causing the other companions to appear. Though I found this bug quite fun. ;D

Phantom Doors

  • Description: when reassembling your party in the dungeon (typically, after a hitting a random teleporter), if all characters don't face north, a fake door may appear on the automap.
  • Possible Cure: reassemble your party while all of them are facing North. Failing that, make sure there are no doors or walls in the vicinity.

Being Hit upon Entering the Dungeon

  • Description: after your character dies and waits for rescue, the next character or party to enter the dungeon will be attacked by the monster that killed the first character.
  • Possible Cure: Playing with no music will ensure that this bug never happens. If you must have the music, make a dummy character and send him or her in the dungeon to absorb the attack.

Exchanging Negative Amounts of Gold

  • Description: you can exchange a negative amount of gold between characters, even if it far exceeds the wealth of the second character.
  • Possible Cure: only use positive amounts of gold, unload the current character and load the other one if needed.

Maximum HP Going Below Your Guild Level

  • Description: your maximum hit points aren't supposed to go below your guild level; if you rock your character the game forgets to perform a check for this.
  • Possible Cure: you need to have your character HP drained, so send him or her in defense mode in any room containing an undead with draining ability. Once you are HP drained, your HP will equal your highest guild level.

Free "See Invisible"

  • Description: if you cast "Feather Essence" followed by any Resistance spell, the recipient of the latter spell will also be granted "See Invisible".
  • Possible Cure: when you cast all the utility spells upon entering the dungeon, cast "Feather Essence" last.

No-show Monsters

  • Description: three monsters (T'mana, Shadow Ninja and Dragon Turtle) never show up.
  • Possible Cure: none in-game. Only a patch or a complete rewrite of the game could fix this. Luckily such a patch exists.

Selling Items while Dead

  • Description: if you follow the specific series of steps detailed in this thread, you can sell (or buy) items while your character is dead.
  • Possible Cure: none, apart from self-control. ;)

Medusa's Head not Showing up in the Store

  • Description: if you sell Medusa's Heads to the store, the store will discard them: they will not be available for purchase. This is caused by Medusa's Head being a "Level 0" item, a status normally reserved for items not found in the dungeon, such as Guild Crests and most bronze items.
  • Possible Cure: keep Medusa's Heads in your bank if you wish to use them at a later time.

Room forever empty if entrance square is a pit

  • Description: if you fall into a pit just as you enter a room (or area), the monster associated with the room will be the same one as the area you just left. Since you most likely killed the monster in the previous area, the area with the pit will be empty until you re-enter it.
  • Possible cure: enter the area from a non-pit square (use Movement spells if you have to), or cast Feather Essence on all party members and re-enter the room if it "fails" and someone falls in.

Additional hits from forfeiting quests

  • Description: when you lose levels from forfeiting quests, you only lose AH hits -- not any high Constitution bonus hits. Therefore, when you regain those levels, as long as you are still below ML, you will gain additional bonus hits.
  • Possible Cure: do not intentionally forfeit quests. :p

Free Money from Confinement

  • Description: if you have a Slave as a companion, Confinement will charge a negative amount to realign it. That is, Confinement will pay you for the privilege. Repeatedly realigning it enables you to accumulate money very quickly.
  • Possible Cure: don't realign Slaves.

Bug-like Features

The Defense Bug

  • Description: a monster's defense isn't taken into account when your character is attacking it. However, combat between companions and monsters does take it into account.
  • Effect: your character almost always hits, and, on average, deals more damage.
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