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Item Identifying Formula

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(Initial attempt at the equations.)
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There are 4 levels of identification: BARELY, PARTIAL, MOSTLY, and ALL. Each identify click in the general store will increase the identification by one level. Only the general store can identify an item to ALL.

When an item is found or traded the game compares the characters identification skill to the item.

skill >= difficulty and the item is from dungeon level 1-5: MOSTLY difficulty - skill <20: PARTIALLY difficulty - skill >=20: BARELY

difficulty = 25 + ((ln(damageMod + 1) + .3) * ln(levelScale + 1) * dungeonLevel) skill = (INT(natural) + WIS(natural) + INT(modified) + WIS(Modified)) /2 * ln(((max(guildLvl) + 5) / 10) + 1)

There's also a bug where when an item is exchanged by the "exchange item" form (not drag and drop). If the recipient can identify the item better, the identification level is recalculated but instead of calculating it for the current item it is calculated for the item who's ID is the current items level scale. This is useful when a BARELY identified item is passed to a character that can identify it to PARTIAL and the level scale (treated as an ID) refers to a low level item which gets it identified to MOSTLY.

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