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Following the War of The Races, the land of Mordor, shrouded in darkness for hundreds of years, started to thrive and attract settlers and adventurers from far and wide. Trading posts became towns and towns flourished into cities. Today there are hundreds of cities in the land of Mordor. The largest of these cities is Marlith, which was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Rohin, known to historians as "Dejenol" which translates to "City of the Mines". It was at this location that vast Mines of Dejenol were built - over fifteen hundred years ago - by the Dwarven inhabitants of Rohin. These Mines were created for the extraction of precious metals such as Platinum, Adamantite, Mithril and Gold, as well as necessities like Iron and Copper.

The facts surrounding the sealing of the Mines and the fall of Rohin are shrouded in mystery, but are believed to be mostly accurate. Legends have it that Rohin was the most powerful and wealthy city in all of ancient Mordor, owing most of its wealth to the minerals and ores taken from the Mines. As the metals were depleted on the upper levels, the miners dug deeper to find new sources. Over a period of centuries, the Mines became so deep that it could take several days to descend and work in the lower levels. As best as can be determined, somewhere on a lower level, a floor gave way. It was from this location that foul creatures began to appear, killing everything in sight. As word reached the city of this catastrophe, search parties were organized using only the best and most skilled miners. The few survivors recovered from the lower levels had glazed and terrified looks and referred to the Mines simply as “The Doorway to Hell”. From that time on, most of the search parties that entered the Mines were never seen again. Those who did return told stories of creatures and happenings that were so mystical and magical as to be nearly unbelievable.

In a matter of days, strange events were occurring closer and closer to the entrance of the Mines and the city. It was then that a decision to close the Mines was made and a massive door was fashioned from a combination of Elven Oak and Adamantite, the only combination believed strong enough to entomb the creatures and the magic of the Mines. Once the Mines were sealed, a lack of work and commerce caused the population of Dejenol to dwindle. It was during this period that an evil wizard accompanied by an band of thieves blew the door from its mounts and stole it for the valuable Adamantite.

The wizard and his thieves were caught and the remains of the door returned, but the damage had been done. Creatures had escaped from the Mines and built up their numbers, hiding in the forests near the city. The city elders decided to punish the thieves and their master by locking them inside the Mines. This time the door was sealed with magic so strong that no-one would be able to open it without the secret knowledge of the spell used to seal it.

It was after the Mines were once again magically sealed that a great battle began between the inhabitants of Dejenol and the creatures that had escaped. Due to the lack of warriors in Dejenol, a summons was sent out to all of the lands. From this calling, the most skilled warriors and magicians came from all over Mordor and from foreign regions as well. Many of the creatures from the Mines were not susceptible to normal combat. The battles for Dejenol lasted 2 years, during which the city was destroyed, the entrance to the Mines lost, and most of the inhabitants were killed or driven mad. A few strong souls did survive and lore has it that they guarded the entrance to the Mines until they died, spending their final days recording what they knew, thought they knew, or had heard about the Mines and the creatures within. Those who have entered and returned speak of vast treasures, magical items, and unexplainable occurrences.

Over a thousand years passed before the entrance to the Mines was once again discovered. With this discovery, the elders of Marlith began making preparations to open the Mines and explore its depths. Scholars studied the manuscript remnants found near the Mines' entrance to glean what knowledge they could about the Mines from the ancient scribblings. Equipped with this knowledge, a limited number of explorers were permitted inside the Mines. At first, many who ventured into the Mines were killed instantly, despite being well equipped with the best weapons and magical skill. However, as the explorers' experiences of fighting, magic, and their knowledge of the Mines increased, so did their chances of survival. With exploration came newer knowledge, and with this new knowledge came a healthy respect for the long-lost Dwarves who created this vast underground world, and for the creatures that still dominated the dark Mines. In the past year, more explorers have ventured into the Mines than ever, eradicating the creatures they’ve encountered, and forcing the nastier monsters deeper into the darkness.

It was around this time that a rumor began about a Prince of Devils, who was said to exist in the deepest depths of the mines. At first, many believed the creature to be a myth, used purely to instill fear into would-be explorers. Yet, those with magical powers who have astrally scanned the mines swear that they sense the presence of a dark, evil, and powerful being.

Even though nothing more is known about this Prince of Devils, the guilds have decided to add the destruction of the dark being to their list of goals - and for those who accomplish this task, they will receive the greatest gift of all - eternal life in the pages of history.

And now, having nearly run out of experienced explorers, a decision was made to train new adventurers to survive in the Mines, hence the city elders formed the Guilds. The Guilds train "students" in the skills and arts that are essential to surviving and prospering in the Mines. It is now up to these new Guild members to explore and return with information about the mines, which have taken on a new name to those who dare enter...

...the Depths of Dejenol.

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