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Official Guides

Word formatting

Bolding and italics

Encase a phrase with two apostrophes for italics, three apostrophes for bold, and five apostrophes for both italics and bold.

''Emphasize'', '''strongly''', '''''very strongly'''''

Becomes: Emphasize, strongly, very strongly

Fixed-space font

A typewriter-style font, used for technical terms, or for precise alignment of text.

<tt>monospace text</tt>

Becomes: monospace text

Small text

<small>small text</small>

Becomes: small text

Strikethrough text

<s>strike out deleted material</s>

Becomes: strike out deleted material

Unformatted text

To keep the wiki software from processing and converting your text, put <nowiki> around the text you want to leave unformatted.


Use headings to divide your page into logical sections. Encase a section title in equals signs (=)for a first-level heading, a pair (==) for a second-level heading, and so on:

=Heading example=

==Subheading example==

===Sub-subheading example===


Heading example

Subheading example

Sub-subheading example

A "Table of contents" box will be automatically generated at the top of any page which contains four or more headings. First level headings are displayed as "1", second level as "1.1" and so on.

Internal linking

Use internal links to link from one wiki page to another. To create an internal link, put a page's title between double brackets:

[[Main Page]]

Becomes a link to the Main Page of this Wiki.

Link piping (or masking):

[[Main Page|Front Page!]]

Becomes a link to the Main Page but Front Page! is written instead: Front Page!

Linking to page sections

To link to a section or subsection of another wiki page, add a hatch (#) and the section's title:

[[Spoilers#Laired Monster List]]

Becomes a link to the section "Laired Monster List" on the Spoilers page: Spoilers#Laired Monster List

Internal links to page sections can be masked just as regular links can:

[[Spoilers#Laired Monster List|Check out the laired monster list]]

Becomes: Check out the laired monster list

External linking

To add a link to a page not hosted on the wiki, use the URL of the page between single brackets:


Becomes: [1]

To specify the text that should appear as the link, add a space and your text after the URL:

[ the IpbWiki page]

Becomes: the IpbWiki page

You must always include "http://" at the beginning of external links.


It is customary to sign comments you leave on Talk pages on the wiki. To add your signature to a comment, type four tildes (~~~~). The tildes will be replaced by your username and date, for example: Braindead 04:39, 2 April 2006 (EDT)

To include your name only, type three tildes: ~~~. To include the date and time only, type five tildes: ~~~~~.


Bulleted lists

To create a bulleted list, prefix each entry with an asterisk (*).

* First level list object
** Second level list object
*** Third level list object
* Another first level list object


  • First level list object
    • Second level list object
      • Third level list object
  • Another first level list object

Numbered lists

To create a numbered list, prefix each entry with a hatch (#).

# First level list object
## Second level list object
### Third level list object
# Another first level list object


  1. First level list object
    1. Second level list object
      1. Third level list object
  2. Another first level list object

Mixed lists

You can even make mixed lists like this.

* You can even do mixed lists
*# and nest them
*#* like this


  • You can even do mixed lists
    1. and nest them
      • like this

Definition lists

To create lists of alternating terms and definitions, use semicolons and colons:

: the item's definition


the item's definition


To include an image on your page, use this syntax:

[[Image:filename|options|caption text]]

The last item added will always be considered the caption text.

Image without alt-text



Image with alt-text

You add "|caption text" after the image link. This is the text most browsers will show when you hover over the image with the mouse.

[[Image:mediawiki.png|The MediaWiki logo]]


Image options


thumbnail, thumb
Generates an automatically resized thumbnail image (either reduced or enlarged).
Caption text is displayed directly underneath. An "enlarge"-icon is added.
If you do not specify where the image should be place it will be places to the right.
Example to the right (in this example the image is enlarged because it is small):
[[Image:Image:|thumb|The MediaWiki logo]]

Makes the image right-aligned.

Same as above, but left aligned.

Same as above, but centered.

The image will be rendered inline, even if the thumbnail-option is set.


The image will have a frame, regardless of whether it is a thumb, and the caption text will be included as a visible caption.
Example to the right:

Renders a version of the image that's [size] pixels wide (e.g. '150px').
Height is computed to keep the aspect ratio (i.e. the shape of the image).
This allows both size reduction and enlargement.

Combining options
You can combine the options as you like. Example (as you see below resizing is often not very good):
[[Image:mediawiki.png|50px|left|none|The MediaWiki logo]]


[[Image:mediawiki.png|none|frame|The MediaWiki logo]]



{| border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="3"
| 1 || 2
| 3 || 4
| 5 || 6
1 2
3 4
5 6

See also WikiMedia table guide

Getting help

If you need help to work with the wiki then post a message in the Wiki Forum and we'll help you out... user posted image

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