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Guild Join Cost Formula

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Cost to join a guild =

CInt((CCur((Each non-zero guild ability + 1) * 1.25) + CCur(Each spell class maximum level / 3))^2 * 5356)

Each guild or spell ability is converted to the Currency type before being added to the total. Currency values get rounded off after the 4th digit to the right of the decimal point (so 1/3 becomes 0.3333, 2/3 becomes 0.6667, etc.).

Characters start off as Nomads and the first guild they join after that will be free. The cost to join any additional guilds is:

Nomad (theoretical) 1,695,394
Warrior 5,009,672
Paladin 3,214,939
Ninja 10,886,091
Villain 6,191,500
Seeker 8,216,267
Thief 7,465,060
Scavenger 4,569,336
Mage 9,132,004
Sorcerer 8,587,434
Wizard 9,317,113
Healer 5,730,025

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