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Basic Stats
Type: Devil
Size: Normal
Alignment: Evil
Att/Def: 225 / 438
Average Hits: 175
Str/Con/Dex: 25 / 21 / 12
First appears on: Level 11
Is 50% Fire Resistant
Is 50% Cold Resistant
Is 50% Electrical Resistant
Is 50% Mind Resistant
Is 50% Disease Resistant
Is 50% Poison Resistant
Is 50% Magic Resistant
Weapon Resistant
Magic Abilities
Item Drops
Drop Level: Level 11
Item Slot 1: Belt
Item Slot 2: Cube
Item Slot 3: Gloves
Item Slot 4: Belt
Item Slot 5: Dagger
Item Slot 6: Sphere
Item Slot 7: Dagger
Item Slot 8: Cube
Item Slot 9: Helmet
Item Slot 10: Dagger

Guardians are Normal sized Devils who are generally Evil in nature.

With an average A/D of 225/438, and average hits of 175 and a 25 Strength, 21 Constitution, 12 Dexterity, it is also known that these creatures abilities include: Weapon Resistance.

Guardians are 50% Fire, 50% Cold, 50% Electrical, 50% Mind, 50% Disease, 50% Poison, 50% Magic resistant.

Additional Information from mordor 2: Rare, multilimbed devils, guardians are good fighters who are exceptionally well protected. Capable of multiple attacks per round, for great amounts of damage, guardians often are found protecting valuable magical items.

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