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Freezing Mist

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Freezing Mist
Basic Stats
Type: Elemental
Size: Normal
Alignment: Neutral
Att/Def: 178 / 62
Average Hits: 115
Str/Con/Dex: 18 / 12 / 15
First appears on: Level 11
Is 100% Cold Resistant
Is 100% Mind Resistant
Is 100% Paralysis Resistant
Weapon Resistant
Can Breathe Cold
Magic Abilities
Can Cast "Cold" Spells
Item Drops
Drop Level: Level 8
Item Slot 1: Hammer
Item Slot 2: Rod
Item Slot 3: Dagger
Item Slot 4: Crystal
Item Slot 5: Cloak
Item Slot 6: Amulet
Item Slot 7: Chain Armor
Item Slot 8: Leather Armor
Item Slot 9: Artifact
Item Slot 10: Leather Armor

Freezing Mists are Normal sized Elementals who are generally Neutral in nature.

With an average A/D of 178/62, and average hits of 115 and a 18 Strength, 12 Constitution, 15 Dexterity, it is also known that these creatures abilities and attacks include: Weapon Resistance, Breathe Cold, "Cold" Spells.

Freezing Mists are 100% Cold, 100% Mind, 100% Paralysis resistant.

Additional Information from mordor 2: Clouds of icy blues and whites, with a deep white centre that resembles a trapped snow storm, freezing mists are well named. Immune to cold attacks themselves, they are capable of simulating most cold attack spells, as well as an almost draconian blast of icy vapour. They are fairly easy to destroy.

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