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Experience Required for Level Formula

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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
[ Download: Mordor Guild Experience Calculator]
[ Download: Mordor Guild Experience Calculator]
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Experience Needed = (88.09020776 * (Level-1)^2 * (GEF / 8)) + (45.45454 * (((Level-1) * 2) - 1)) - 0.264

Level is the guild level you are trying to reach, and GEF is the guild's Experience Parameter from the HelpLesson: 8 for Nomad, 16 for Warrior, etc.

Multiply by the following numbers:

Human: 1.0 Morloch: 1.05819132268 Dwarf: 1.10551994263 Ogre: 1.14714602440 Elf, Giant, Gnome: 1.18544741085 Osiri: 1.22165868435 Troll: 1.25647909518

and round off to get the final result.

This formula produces the total XP you will need for a given level. To find out how much XP you will need to reach it, subtract your current XP.

Download the Mordor Guild Experience Calculator for a program which will perform the calculations for you.

For a fast approximation of how much XP you'll need, you can use the following formula:

Multiply by the race factor listed above to get a figure for non-Human races.

For instance, if you're at level 80 Human Nomad (556907 XP) and you want to figure out how much XP you'll need for level 100:

(100 / 80)^2 * 556907 = 870167.1875

This approximation is extremely close except at low levels. The actual figure needed for level 100 Human Nomad is 872326.

The general rule for the inverse case, finding how many levels a given amount of XP will give, is:

(870167 / 556907)^1/2 * 80 = 100.6

^2 means to square the number; ^1/2 means to take its square root.

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Download: Mordor Guild Experience Calculator

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