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Dungeon Respawn Time Formula

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respawnTime = 20min + 5min * currentFloor/2 + 5s * numberOfSpawnedAreasOnCurrentFloor

The minimum respwan time is 2 minutes.

  • If the room is empty then it's +-respawnTime from the time the room was emptied.
  • If the room still has monsters/treasure its 2x +-respawnTime from the time the room was spawned.

+- because of Quirk 2


  1. The game doesn't know what day it is so if you show up the same time another day they won't respawn.
  2. The game checks abs(Timer - referenceTime) so if you show up 23 hours and 40 minutes later (-20 minutes) the room won't respawn.
  3. A side effect of the previous bug is that any room spawned after 12:20am always respawn at midnight.
  4. the game treats time 0 (midnight to the second) as 'unititialized' so if you clear a room at exactly midnight it will respawn the next time you visit.
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