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All monsters in Mordor have both a "spawn level" -- the dungeon level on which they may first appear -- and an "item drop level" -- the level from which the items they drop may come. Most monsters' spawn level and item drop level are the same, although many monsters have shallow item drop levels compared to their spawn level.

Monsters with a given spawn level can appear on that level or anywhere deeper (or on a Stud square one level above where they normally appear). This does not affect what items they drop. The item drop level is a maximum; monsters may still drop items from shallower levels than their drop level.

The following monsters can drop items from deeper in the dungeon than their normal spawn level. This list does not include monsters programmed to drop specific items from deep levels, nor does it include monsters that are laired on a shallower level than they normally appear (i.e., the Vampire on 9).

Monster Spawn Level          Item Drop Level
Aboleth 1 2
Pseudo-Dragon 1 2
Slave Masher 1 2
Tengu 1 2
Slave Driver 2 3
Cockatrice 5 6
Twisted Elf 5 6
Minotaur 6 8
Butcher 7 8
Demonist 7 8
Hooded Thief 7 8
Asteryex 10 14
Giant King 10 12
Mother of Serpents          12 14
Dark Shape 13 14
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