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Always back up game files before attempting these.



These glitches in the game allow for easy and infinite gold.

  • If you charm or join a Slave, take it to the confinement and reallign it from Good to Evil as many times as you wish. Every reallignment costs -113,110 gold, and can be performed infintely.
  • Another method of increasing wealth easily is to exchange gold with another character, but give them a negative integer (ie -9,999,999,999). The number will be taken from the recipient and given to the donor.


  • If you are assigned a quest for a rare monster or item, there is an easy way to escape it without using an editor. Simply use Ctrl-Alt-Del, and close Mordor via Task Manager. When the game is restarted, it will be as if the characters did not level, and must repeat the process (hopefully without being granted a quest). Interestingly, the guild log still reports the quest as being assigned.

Dungeon Respawn

  • To avoid waiting for the dungeon to refill with monsters and treasure chests, simply move the PC clock ahead or back one hour.

Copying Companions

  • To copy a specific companion, put it in companion slot #1 and sell it to confinement. Now make sure you have no companions left and walk around with another character with 4 clean-ups as companions. Occasionally the clean-ups will attempt to spit on the non-existent first companion of the first character, and this will create a new copy.

See Dungeon-crawling tips and tricks in the forum for additional ideas.

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