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Chance of Monsters Joining Formula

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Random = 1 to 3000
Chance = Unmodified (or natural) Charisma * 10 - (SpawnLevel - 1) * 10
If Random <= Chance, then 1 to [4 or Max Monsters in group, whichever is lowest] offers to join, even distribution.

This turns out to be:

(Charisma + 1 - SpawnLevel) in 300 chance of monster(s) joining.


  • Character's current Guild Level must be equal or greater than the monster's Guild Level.
  • Monsters will only join if they are the only monster group in the room.
  • Alignment of monster must be Neutral, or Good if the selected character is also Good (at the time that the monster is first encountered).
  • Evil monsters always spawn hostile, and will never offer to join.
  • Good monsters will never be hostile to a Good character, and will always be hostile to Neutral/Evil characters.
  • Neutral monsters will potentially join any character, although they have a 60% chance of being hostile when first encountered.

Also see List of Uncharmable Monsters That Can Join.

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