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Chance of Complications Formula

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I'm a cautious player, so my characters don't die very often. But I'm beginning to realize that I've been pretty lucky that my characters never developed complications on a raise. (Yes, okay, I've Rocked my party a few times and restored from a backup. [img]/style_emoticons/default/hypocrite.gif[/img] )

Once your Constitution is at least 12 (I think), the chance of a successful raise is always 98%. However, when a raise fails, the % chance of complications is:

(AgeInYears * 2 / RaceMaxAge) * 100

Basically, once you reach half your race's maximum age, a failed raise will automatically result in complications, and there's always a 2% or greater chance that a raise will fail.

This makes Humans look worse than ever. Even a 16-year-old Human will have a 32% chance of complications on a failed raise, and a 50+ year old will automatically have them. A 16-year-old Elf has only an 8% chance of complications on a failed raise; a Dwarf, 11.6%.

Related tidbits

There's a (50 - (Con * 2)) percent chance of losing a point of Constitution after a successful raise. Natural Con is used (no item mods), so Dwarves, Osiri, and Giants (Max Con 24) always have at least a 2% chance; Humans and Gnomes, 4%; Elves, 8%. Only Ogres (Max Con 27) have a 0% chance.

You have a chance of dying from old age ("natural causes") once you reach 98% of your race's maximum age. This just means a spontaneous death in the dungeon... but still not a permanent one.  :sneaky:

Consequences of Complications

Forgot to add this in the initial post. The consequences of Complications are: -5 to each Stat (Strength, Charisma, etc.) (but they will not be reduced below racial minimums) Max Hits are reduced by 16.67% (i.e., * 0.8333) Age increases by 15 years. A/D also goes down, but only as a consequence of losing Stat bonuses and possibly having items unequipped due to loss of Stats.

Losing hits is the most disastrous aspect of Complications: if you have 500 HP, you'll lose 83 of them, with no recourse but to gain 42 levels in order to get them back. [img]/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif[/img] 15 years of Aging is not much fun either.

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