File Name: Auto-level script (Pulover's macro creator)
File Submitter: mordrax
File Submitted: 9 Mar 2017
File Category: Mordor: The Depths Of Dejenol

This script when run in the town with a party of 4, will go into the dungeon, cast mass levitate + resistances, explore certain levels, come back up, sell loot, level up and repeat.

The script has been made to work with a specific configuration of party members and the resistances will only work if the correct buffers hold the resistance spell.
With a little tweaking, it can work for any party, but mine is hardcoded to the following

Heox - Seeker ( 1. Mass levitate, 2. Fire, 3. Draining, 4. Cold, 5. Poison, 6. Disease, 7. Paralysis, 8. Stoning, 9. Magic )
Hendrix - Healer
Mordrax - Sorceror ( 2. Stoning, 3. Magic, 4. Mental, 5. Electical, 6. Acidity, 7. Paralysis )
Sparticus - Thief ( 1. Charm of opening )

Pulover's macro creator is extremely unstable on windows XP, frequently not loading properly and corrupting the script file. So keep a backup of the .pmc file and re-open if any of the scripts looks wrong.

To start,
1. Open pulover's macro creator and open Level1.pmc
2. Have it on the first macro, click the round red record button, a toolbar should appear on top and the macro creator should be minimised.
3. Set focus to the town window in mordor
4. Click the blue play button on the toolbar
It should go into the dungeon at least, and then if the characters are setup correctly, start casting spells.

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