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Full Version: Idea For New Music Mod
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The music in the town in this game really grates on my ears with how harsh and high-pitched it is. Sensory hell doesn't even begin to describe it, which is a shame because the rest of the game is so good. Long-time users of this forum surely remember my past (albeit half-assed) modding efforts.

So, I had an idea for a music mod for the game, and no, it doesn't involve changing the instruments and lowering the town's music by several octaves this time. I still don't have any musical talents, but I could instead find mid files on the internet and replace Mordor's already existing soundtrack.

I think a revolutionary theme would be nice, and it would work well with the Revolutionary Challenge I have going right now. The Internationale would be perfect for the main menu, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions for the other tracks. unsure.gif
One thing to say in favor of the town music (aesthetics aside) is that is has a 5/4 meter, something quite rarely seen in most music, let alone in an obscure indie video game. I'll indulge myself by dropping a little musical knowledge - here's a modern classical piece in 5/4 by Steve Reich with similar energy (or you might say stridency): Eight Lines (Octet).

Can't go wrong with the Internationale, tho. wink.gif
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