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Full Version: Site back up
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My hosting company terminated my hosting account by mistake (they blame it on their billing software and said sorry, *sigh*). Luckily I still had a backup of the sites. However the most recent backup was from 28/12 last year,...

So if you made a post during the last month and you wonder why your post isn't here now, blame it on my hosting company...
good to see the site back up.
wiki is unavailable though

I'm blaming the hosting company
Thanks, Braindead. Wiki's back up too.

dry.gif to the hosting company.

Pfft at the hosting company.
im gone to jail for 3 yrs and wtf evil strikes...
rb10c's page is blank. This is not good! At least the forums are still working.
temporarily disabled the ipbwiki plugin, seems the php version no longer supports some features that that plugin was using

so it looks kinda odd at the moment, but at least it shows something smile.gif
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