File Name: Moddor update 1.21
File Submitter: aardless
File Submitted: 24 Oct 2011
File Updated: 24 Oct 2011
File Category: Mordor: The Depths Of Dejenol

This is an update to Moddor, done by userjjb. It fixes a problem on one of the maps, adds a monster, three items and adds the third level map. The mod, which was the then most ambitious mod to Mordor, is unfortunately unfinished.
To use the mod simply copy the three following files in your Mordor(or moddor)/data folder: mdata3.mdr; mdata5.mdr and mdata11.mdr.
There are two extra files: Mdata5_FixedTypo.mdr is supplied by aardless, it just fixes a typo on a new monster on the 1.21 update. To use it simply rename the existing mdata5.mdr to something else and rename Mdata5_FixedTypo.mdr to Mdata5.mdr.
Likewise rescueMdata11.mdr changes the map with a teleporter, IIRC, to make your characters recoverable in case they fall down a certain chute... To use it in place of the supplied mdata11.mdr again simply rename mdata11.mdr to something else (e.g. mdata11_original_mdr) and then rename rescueMdata11.mdr to mdata11.mdr. The file names are insensitive to case!

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